Complete Ab Machines Info: Why You Need Solid Abdominal Machine for Home or Commercial Use. And Where to Get Them

Every man wants six-pack abs. Every woman wants sexy abs.

Of course, I do not mean like everyone in the world wants abs right now but you get the point.

Abs are in demand.

Developing an enviable mid-section is nowadays the goal of every Tom, Dick, and Harry at the gym.

Millions of books, home training programs, and dietary supplements have also been sold promoting various ways to get abs.

However, as we all know, in many cases it remains difficult for most people to get the abs they want.

Nevertheless, there is hope.

The hope is in ab machines.

You see, without actually targeting your abdominal muscles and putting them under strain, you will not get any abs.

Abs need to be targeted and exercised intensely to pop out.

Machines can help do that. In this guide, I am going to tell you everything important you need to know about ab machines.

I am also going to show you the best ones currently available on the market and to give you other information to help you set sail on your journey towards an enviable physique.

What are Ab machines?

Ab machines are machines that help you build your abdominal muscles and to develop core strength.

So if you have been wanting rock hard abs, you should definitely get yourself one.

There are different types of ab machines.

Some of the most popular ones include extension benches, dip stations/ power towers, professional rollers, Roman chairs, and exercise balls.

These machines help build the abdominal muscles in slightly different ways.

This means that the results/ the effectiveness of each of the machines is slightly different.

Nevertheless, you can achieve very good results with any ab machine as long as you use it correctly and you have the discipline to work out regularly.

Whether your abs will pop out/ be visible or not will depend on your diet and the other kinds of exercises you do.

If your diet is balanced and without too many fats and your exercise regime includes cardio sessions, ab machines will certainly do the rest and give you those sexy abs everyone wants to have.

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5 Benefits of Ab workout machine

There are many reasons why many people are buying ab machines.

Assuming you need more convincing or just a refresher on why you should get yourself an ab machine, below are the important benefits of owning an ab workout machine.

  1. The machine will give you abs

This is obvious, isn’t it?

An ab workout machine will give you sexy abs.

This is the number one benefit and reason why you should get an ab workout machine.

Hence, if you too want to get abs like Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman or Zac Efron in Baywatch, you better hurry up and get yourself one of the top 8 ab machines below because summer waits for no one.

  1. Better Core Strength

Many day-to-day activities including getting to a sitting position from sleep, tying your shoelaces, lifting stuff from the ground, going upstairs, and even sitting straight require good core strength.

Without good core strength, such activities become too difficult to do.

Moreover, your chances of getting an injury from doing them increase significantly.

However, when you use an ab workout machine, you will get to significantly improve your core strength and make it easier for yourself to do the activities.

Ab Machines Guide

  1. Improved athletic performance

Do you want to run faster, swim better, swing your golf club like a pro, play tennis like Federer, move on the Basketball court like James Harden, or play soccer like Messi?

Well, I do not know how talented you are but what I know is that training your abs and core will get you halfway there.

You need a good core to become a good athlete.

And a good core is founded on strong abdominal muscles that you can get by using ab machines.

A good core makes you a better athlete because it stabilizes your physique and gives you a platform for action/ movement.

  1. Quality Posture

When your abs and core are weak, you will not stand up straight.

You will slouch and look less confident.

Good abs and lower back muscles help to support your spine and give you a good and confident posture.

The more you train your abs and lower back using ab machines, the stronger your core will become and the straighter your backbone will be making you look taller, confident, and much more energetic.

  1. Better balance/ reduced back pain

Why do people do yoga?

Sure, it is a form of meditation but there are massive physical benefits that come with doing it.

One of them is better balance.

Yoga enables better balance by stretching and improving core muscles and muscles throughout the body.

Ab machines can do the same thing.

Specifically, they will help you improve your balance by making your abdominal muscles stronger and more resilient.

They will reduce back pain by helping strength the abs needed for trunk/ backbone support.

In summary, ab machines can help you in more ways than just helping you get the sexy abs everyone is craving for.

There are health and athletic benefits too for using the machines.

Top 8 Abs Exercise Machines to Consider

1.  Fitness Reality X-Class Light Abdominal/Hyper Back Bench
Fitness Reality X-Class Light Abdominal
About the product

When asked about the best machines for building abs, most fitness and sports science experts recommend ab benches alongside other measures.

The reason why is because ab benches help users to put themselves in the right positions to intensely exercise their abdominal muscles.

The Fitness Reality X-Class bench is a special ab bench.

It is built by Fitness Reality – a brand owned by a Southern California company by the name Paradigm Health and Wellness.

Although this company is not one of the most popular fitness brands, it makes some of the most professional, versatile, and durable exercise machines.

This particular product is also top quality.

It is tough enough that it can be used even by people weighing as many as 650 pounds.

It is also adjustable enough that individuals between 5 ft. and 6 ft. 4 can use it comfortably.

One of the things I love the most about this Fitness Reality Bench is its dip handlebars.

The two bars make it easy to get into position and to perform additional exercises.


  • High user weight capacity (650 pounds)
  • Versatile (can be adjusted and set to perform multiple ab exercises)
  • Made of high-quality materials including a moisture resistant bench covering
  • Comes with transportation wheels for easy moving
  • Has stabilizers that give you peace of mind when working out
  • Bench seat and rollers are padded for comfort


  • Not for extremely tall people e.g. guys above 6 ft. 3.
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2.  Core Max Ab Machine
Core Max ab machine
About the product

Do you want to get fit and sexy?

This may sound salesy but this ab machine is can give you what you want.

The Core Max ab machine is made by Star Uno – a Nevada corporation that has multiple revolutionary fitness and wellbeing products.

This machine is built in such a way that it enables you to perform eight different exercises to build your abs, burn calories, develop sexy legs, lift your butt, and tone your arms.

In other words, this simple-looking machine can help you work out your entire body and become fitter and sexier in the process.

The machine has inbuilt spring assists that enable you to work out your abs during crunches both on your way up and down.

Ordinary crunches only work your abs on the way up.

This means that with this machine, every crunch gives you double the workout benefits of an ordinary crunch.

Moreover, you will love the idea that you can adjust the levels of resistance in the inbuilt spring assists.

So when you feel as if you want to make the exercises harder and more beneficial, you can do so in just a moment.


  • Very cheap ab machine compared to the others
  • Relatively small and easy to store ab machine
  • You can easily travel with it
  • It does not require any assembly
  • It comes with an instructional DVD, an eating guide, and an exercise guide
  • It is fantastic for super effective crunches
  • Works out the whole body


  • It is better suited for normal height and short height people
  • If you weight more than 220 pounds, you may find it uncomfortable
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3.  Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench
Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench
About the product

The Stamina Pro Ab bench is the perfect machine for anyone looking for a basic, no frills six-pack abs builder.

This machine does not come with fancy features or adjustable components, it is just a basic, sturdy, super effective, and supremely comfortable fitness bench.

This machine is a product of Stamina Products, Inc. – a corporation that was founded more than thirty years ago in Springfield, Missouri.

The company was founded by a group of friends and it has grown steadily from a small shop to a multi-million dollar manufacturer of quality products.

This particular machine of theirs is a supreme quality no fuss bench.

One of the things I love the most about it is its heavy-duty steel construction and stabilizers.

They provide stability and peace of mind when working out.

I also love its durable bench covering that is moisture and sweat resistant.

It makes it easy to clean the bench after a tough workout.

Lastly, the fact that this bench folds to a near-flat structure is pretty cool to me.

This is because it makes it easy to store this ab machine especially for those with small apartments.


  • Well-padded bench for comfort and durability
  • An adjustable bench that can be used for multiple exercises
  • Extremely sturdy bench
  • Great for strengthening the back and building ripped abs
  • Adjustable thigh support, footrest, and backrest to accommodate your physique


  • Its locking pins do not lock in place
  • It is not particularly adapted for those who are tall than 6 ft.
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4.  Valor Fitness DE-5 Plate Loaded Ab/Back Machine
Valor Fitness DE-5 Plate Loaded Ab
About the product

This machine stands out as one of the premier machines for building abs.

In addition to abs, it will help you develop lower back strength and stability.

One of the things that make it stand out is its size.

It is compact enough that it can easily fit in any home gym, garage gym, or apartment.

Not sure, if the Valor Fitness DE-5 is the ab machine for you?

Well, check out the info below to find out the people it is best suited for.

You will love this product if you want a no-frills machine; a machine that is very easy to assemble and start using.

Moreover, you will love it if you are looking for a versatile abs machine that you can use for different kinds of workouts that target both the abs and the lower back muscles.

Lastly, you will love this abs machine is you are a big guy.

It is literally one of the few machines that big/ tall guys can use comfortably and effectively to get sexy abdominal muscles.


  • It is made of a heavy duty 12-gauge steel frame
  • Its supports are padded for comfort
  • It is very stable
  • Its workouts target the abdominal muscles thoroughly


  • You cannot load too many weights on it
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5.  XtremepowerUS Abdominal Ab Crunch Machine
XtremepowerUS Abdominal Ab
About the product

Remember the famous Ab Coaster machine?

This XtremepowerUS Ab crunch machine is like an improvement of it.

Like the Ab Coaster, this XtremepowerUS machine comes with a special design that allows you to perform kneeling crunches while supporting yourself with your elbows.

Its design allows you to do more crunches helping you to scorch every single pound of fat around your stomach area and to improve your cardio fitness at the same time.

It is, therefore, ideal for people who do want to do crunches in a different way and to target their lower abs and develop them.

It is also perfect for eliminating “love handles.”

One of the most fantastic things about it is the fact that even guys and girls as heavy as three hundred pounds can use it to build abs.


  • New workout style for building abs, improving core strength, and enhancing cardio fitness
  • Padded to support your elbows, arms, and knees
  • Can be used comfortably and effectively by tall people
  • Has a high weight capacity of 300 pounds


  • Does not come with any weights that you can use to increase exercise difficulty
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6.  XMark Fitness Multi-Function Power Tower
XMark Fitness Multi-Function Power Tower
About the product

This tall machine is something you will definitely love having in your home or commercial gym.

The main reason why is its multi-functionality.

I have included it as an ab machine but you can use it to not only do crunches but also other kinds of macho/ morale-boosting bodyweight workouts including pull-ups, push-ups, and dips.

The machine is over seven foot tall so it gives you enough height to comfortably do the above-mentioned exercises even if you are over six foot tall.

And no matter how heavy you are, you can use it.

This is because it has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.

Unlike other machines that have high weight capacities but feel somewhat unstable or unsteady, this one has a 14-gauge heavy duty construction and stabilizers at the bottom so it feels pretty robust, sturdy, and secure.

You can do all the pull-ups and vertical knee raises you want, without worrying about the whole structure coming down.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction for stability
  • Perfect for multiple bodyweight exercises
  • Features high-density cushions in the right places
  • Over 7 ft. and 2 inches tall


  • Requires a bit of time and patience assembling.
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7.  Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller
Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller
About the product

I had a bit of a dilemma about whether or not to include this roller in this list of ab “machines.”

However, in the end, I just had to because this is not just any other roller.

It is a professional roller.

It may look just a bit luxurious on the outside but almost everything about it is made to help you get those abs you have been dreaming about.

However, it's most unique, and perhaps the most important feature is not visible to the naked eye.

The feature is the roller's inbuilt kinetic engine.

This patented spring-like engine inside the roller adds resistance and provides assistance.

It simultaneously makes it easy for you to do abs exercises and hard for your muscles to survive (it increases intensity).

Within a few weeks of using it, you should start seeing results.

Its ultra-wide wheel is also perfect for stability and for sideways exercises.

Find out more about this core building roller below.


  • Has a patented inbuilt “engine” that makes it a more effective roller
  • Has a wide wheel for stability
  • Has non-slip handles for better performance
  • Comes with knee pads for comfort
  • Comes with a downloadable complementary workout program
  • Targets both the core and the arms


  • Some users think the handles are not long enough. Most users will, however, find them to be sufficient.
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8.  Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair
Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair
About the product

If you are an athlete or you train regularly, many ab machines won’t really challenge you.

But a Roman chair will.

This Roman chair by Marcy is superb in many ways.

First of all, it is extremely well-made.

It features a heavy-duty frame that is sturdy and stable.

It is also adjustable in multiple places.

These features make it perfect for men and women of all body sizes to use it for core workouts.

Secondly, it can help you to do various workouts that will build your abs, build your posture, lessen back pain, and strengthen your core.

Thirdly, it is good for home use because it is compact and easy to use.

It also does not need much time or expertise to assemble.

Lastly, it is extremely well-padded with high-density foam and other sorts of padding in the right places to prevent discomfort during workouts.


  • Great for forming rock-hard abs
  • Solid construction
  • Versatile for multiple exercises
  • High-density padded to prevent discomfort
  • Very sturdy and stable


  • Best for use by lower weight users lower than 210 pounds
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Other Abs Products

  • Ab Gliders

An ab glider is any abdominal exerciser that is self-powered by the user.

To work out your abs using an ab glider, you will need to support yourself by the arms and then to move the seat below using your knees.

You can move the seat to and fro and you can also move it sideways.

Ab gliders help you to not only train your abs but to also do cardio so that your abdominals can really pop out.

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  • Exercise Balls

Exercise balls are also known as fitness balls.

They are made of elastic materials and are often filled with air. They are usually large.

They are particularly used for stretching exercises.

They are good ab exercises for those who do not want to do crunches yet. This is because they do not put too much strain on the body and its muscles.

There are many brands available on the market.

But as I have said, they are only best for light exercising and what not. They are definitely not for serious exercisers.

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  • Waist Trimmer belt

Of all ab workout machines, it is my opinion that the least effective ones are weight trimming belts.

This is because they do not particularly train abs.

They help people to lose fat in their midsection by trapping heat where they are tied.

This is thought to help increase the rate of metabolism leading to better weight loss.

Nevertheless, these belts do not specifically train abdominal muscles and their effectiveness in increasing metabolism is shaky.

So it is my opinion that you should not try them.

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How to Differentiate Between Home Abs Machine for Home Vs Commercial

Home ab machines are usually smaller and cheaper.

Commercial ab machines, on the other hand, are usually bigger and more expensive.

They are also usually more durable and comfortable.

So if you have the means buy commercial/ gym-rated ab machines as they will most likely be higher-quality than home ab machines.

Ab Machine for Sale: Where to get Best Quality Abs Exercise Equipment?

Get ab machines from Amazon.

The company is literally the biggest online retailer in the world.

It has ab machines from different brands and different sellers.

You will, therefore, likely find very good quality ab machines on their site and relatively low prices.

The retailer also has protective policies to ensure that fraudulent sellers do not get away with your money.

So you can definitely shop with a peace of mind on their site.

This is unlike other retailers where prices are high and some sellers are known to be fraudulent.


Ab machines are great for carving abs.

They are also great for building core strength and reducing the risk of injury and pain in the lower back.

The best ab machines are the ones that are simple, durable, and effective like the top 8 ones above.

My ranking contains only the best of the best machines.

Therefore, if you were not sure of what to buy, you can pick any of the machines in my list and you can confidently expect it to give you the abs you want.

For other questions relating to ab machines check out the FAQs below.

Some Question & Answers:

QUE: What machines to use at the gym for abs?

Use ab machines such as extension benches, dip stations/ power towers, professional rollers, Roman chairs, and exercise balls.

QUE: Best ab machines at planet fitness can I buy?

Get an extension bench.

Extension benches are the best for simple, no-frills exercises. When you walk into any Planet Fitness gym, you will see many of them.

This should tell you how much popular the benches are and how effective they are at helping people to strengthen their cores and so on.

QUE: I need advice for a good ab core machine?

There are many good ab core machines. Get an extension bench if you are on a budget.

If you’ve got money to burn, get a Roman chair.

Roman chair machines are much more effective and bring results faster.

Check out product number 8 in the list above for more information on Roman chairs.

QUE: Ab machine Walmart vs Amazon?

Amazon. Although both retailers are reliable, Amazon usually has much more cheaper products than Walmart.

Therefore, if you want to save money, you should choose to buy on Amazon.

QUE:  Which Abdominal exercise equipment you recommend for a teenager?

A simple extension bench. There is no need to go for complicated equipment because a teenager will not need them at such a young and still developing age.

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