FitMiss Tone Review: Helps women blast away fat especially in mid-section. Firm muscle tone. Promotes sexy body shape

Is FitMiss Tone really going to burn hard to remove body fat? Our detailed review examines the pros, cons and if it is really effective in helping women have that healthy, fitter & sexy body physique you desired.

If you look up fat burner online you’re going to find a lot of products that claim to do just that.

As someone who has tried a lot of women’s fat loss supplements, I can say that not all of them work the way they are supposed to.

Now we have FitMiss Tone which says it burns fat and promotes weight loss. Do any of these claims hold water?

What is FitMiss Tone Stimulant Free Supplement?

The Tone is a weight and fat loss supplement.

According to Muscle Pharm, the company behind all FitMiss products including Tone, it will speed up metabolism and accelerate weight loss.

The ingredients in this product also improve your overall fitness and strength. Not only will you lose fat, but you will also be healthier.

Those are bold claims, but Tone is able to back it up with its scientifically proven weight loss ingredients.

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What are the Ingredients?

The serving size is 1 capsule, with each container having 60 capsules.

  • Total Fat 1 g
  • Gelatin
  • CLA Fit Blend 1000 mg
  • The CLA Fit Blend includes avocado oil, virgin olive oil and Conjugated Linoleic Acids.

<>  Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA is a fatty acid. Obtained from linoleic acid, CLA first became known for its anti-carcinogenic properties as well as being a food anti allergen.

However CLA is now being used for weight loss and obesity.

<>  Virgin Oil

Virgin oil is widely used in cooking as it is healthier than cooking oil with lots of saturated fats.

Cooking aside, virgin oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and also supports weight loss. It also works as an appetite suppressant and also keeps your blood sugar level healthy.

<>  Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is often utilized for cooking, but it provides a lot of other benefits. It has healing and soothing properties and also used to treat sclerosis.

Clinical studies have also shown that avocado oil can be used for arthritis, psoriasis and gum infections.

The healing properties of avocado oil are enhanced when you combine it with vitamin B12. As I pointed out, avocado oil is also good for toothache, healing wounds and stimulating hair growth.

What makes this an ideal ingredient are its energy boosting properties and fat absorption.

Is There Scientific Evidence to Support FitMiss Tone?

Yes there is. Let’s take a look at Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) first.

A study conducted by Gaullier JM Halse J, Høye K et al 1 proves that CLA is effective in reducing body fat.

The double blind, placebo test involved 180 male and female participants. One half were given CLA and the other participants placebo.

At the end of the test period those who took CLA lost a significant amount of fat. Those that took placebo showed no interest.

Results have been supported by other studies, proving the weight loss benefits of CLA.

Both virgin oil and avocado oil have been scientifically tested and proven to work.

A study by Razquin C1, Martinez JA, Martinez-Gonzalez MA, Mitjavila MT, Estruch R, Marti A had 187 participants who volunteered to go on a Mediterranean, olive oil diet for 3 years.

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The end result is they lost a significant amount of body fat.

A study conducted at Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, Potchefstroom, South Africa proves the potential of avocado oil.

Researchers also learned that the monosaturated fatty acids provide a weight loss boost.

What this study and others like have done is prove that avocado doesn’t make you fat. In fact it proves just the opposite as it is actually good for weight loss.

This study was placebo controlled, with one group given 200 g of avocado to consume each day. The avocado contained 30 grams of fat and used to replace the 30 grams of fats they usually consumed.

The results revealed that those who consumed avocado ended up with a low body fat percentage and a healthier body fat and mass. When you combine avocado with olive oil and CLA, the benefits are increased significantly.

Is Tone for You?

Well it depends on your goals and expectations.

If you expect to lose weight and burn fats in seconds, you will be disappointed.

There is no supplement that melts fat overnight, and Tone doesn’t make that claim.

However this supplement is for you if:

  • You are looking for a weight loss supplement that is formulated specifically for women.
  • You have been trying to lose weight and fat without success.
  • You don’t want to use diet pills that have a lot of side effects.
  • Exercise and diet aren’t getting it done as far as fat removal goes.
  • You want to have a lean, fit body, not a skinny frame.
  • You want to get rid of stubborn body fat.
  • You only want to use a weight loss supplement that uses scientifically proven ingredients.

The point is if you want to lose a lot of excess fat and get a lean body, Tone is the product that can help. If you’re having trouble losing extra pounds and want to get in shape,  Tone will benefit you.

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How Does FitMiss Tone Work?

Tone works on several levels to burn fat and improve wellness.

To better understand this I have divided its workings in the following sections.

  • Fat Binding

FitMiss Tone uses CLA for fat binding, boosting your metabolism and promote weight loss in a way other supplements can’t.

When you consume CLA, its acidic properties leads to faster fat breakdown. CLA also keeps your body from absorbing the fat and producing it.

Another one of the ingredients, avocado oil, has antioxidants that cleanse your body and is also good for your hair and skin.

While that is not related to weight loss, it goes to show how you get a lot of side benefits as well. Avocado also contains healthy, saturated fat which is good for you.

The monosaturated fats in avocado promotes weight loss.

Usually fat is absorbed in your body, but these fatty acids are instead used as energy.

Combined with CLA and the other ingredients and Tone will leave you feeling full.

  • Curbing Appetite

Virgin olive oil is the key ingredient in suppressing your appetite.

What olive oil does is supply your body with good fats, filling you up and providing you with healthy nutrients like avocado.

Virgin oil also makes you feel good by just inhaling it as it stimulates serotonin hormones to rise.

Serotonin also sends signals to your brain, telling it you’re full. This is another way that Tone curbs your appetite.

Since you don’t have to keep eating you’ll be burning a lot of calories and fats, speeding up weight loss.  As you take Tone it also lowers your blood sugar levels, further improving your physical condition.

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  • Mood Enhancer

Tone does not make a lot of claims about boosting your mood, but it’s actually one of its more notable benefits.

The key ingredient is serotonin because as I mentioned, it makes you “feel good”.

As your mood is uplifted you become more energetic and it also improves your concentration.

  • Metabolism Booster

Tone increases your metabolism mainly due to CLA. If you’ve got a slow metabolism you’ll feel sluggish and have a hard time losing weight.

With Tone you’re going to see an increase in metabolism speed along with an energy boost.

CLA is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, and this promotes faster metabolism.

Your immune system also gets a boost and it reduces your cholesterol level too.

You probably know this already, but I want to point it out anyway.

To realize the full benefits of Tone you’ll need to exercise and eat a healthy diet.

By eating healthy you will be helping yourself get rid of fat and extra pounds.


Take one capsule three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening). Take each capsule with your meal.


Tone is not flavored.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Tone doesn’t cause any serious side effects and that is due to its ingredients. However there are a few who may experience a bit of stomach upset.

But this side effect is rare and even when reported, eventually dissipates and disappears.


  • Burns body fat
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Good for muscle toning
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Helps shape your body
  • Formulated especially for women


  • Not suitable for individuals 18 years and below
  • Cannot be taken by pregnant women

Where to Buy Tone Today?

Tone is widely available online.

Take a look around and you will find Tone is sold in GNC, Amazon and other stores.

For the most bang for you buck I’d suggest you go with AMAZON.  Their prices are reasonable and you’re also assured of prompt delivery. Go there to order one or more packs with peace of mind.


Tone succeeds where other fat metabolizers have failed. To put it simply, Tone does a superb job in shaping and toning body fat to get you in shape.

It is also one of the women specific fat metabolizers that is free from stimulants yet still works.

With all the benefits, I have no hesitation in recommending Tone to eliminate body fat.

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