How to Bulk and Cut

We are all different. We have different goals. We have different genetics. We have different body types. We follow different diets.

And we all have different motivators to workout.

However, when it comes to bulking and cutting, we all have to follow roughly the same formula to get the best results.

Learn How to Build Your Physique like a Pro

The body you have right now is the result of your genetics and your environment. You cannot control the genetics part but you can control your environment. The environment here means how you workout, what you eat, and how you rest.

You can control all these to get the physique you want.

In this post, I am going to share with you the basics of how to bulk and cut aka how to build your physique like a pro. The basics include information about workouts and what to eat.

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Setting Goals

Setting goals is perhaps the most important part of bulking and cutting. Generally, there are two types of people who work out.

The first type is the casual exerciser. This is someone who is not necessarily looking to transform their body significantly. It is just someone who goes to the gym to sweat, to stay fit, or to prevent themselves from becoming fat and chubby.

Casual exercisers usually only put in minimum effort in the gym. They also generally eat whatever they feel like.

The second type of people who work out are those who go all out. Some people call them fitness freaks. These are people who train hard in the gym and watch what they eat to bulk and then to cut.

Fitness freaks usually follow a workout plan that will help them achieve their fitness goals. They also usually take muscle mass building products.

This is because such products accelerate bulking by providing the body with the right ingredients.

If you are looking to bulk and cut, then your goals should be higher than those of the casual exerciser.

You should be the second type of person who works out and that is a fitness freak. Because as a casual exerciser you will go nowhere. You will achieve nothing much.

But as a fitness freak with a workout plan and a decent bodybuilding diet complete with muscle builders like D Anabol 25, you should be able to achieve greatness.

How to Bulk

The definition of bulking is to become big. As in to gain significant muscle and look significantly bigger. This is something that is not easy to achieve.

It not easy to achieve especially if all you just want to do is to train hard in the gym. Bulking needs a lot more than training. In fact, according to experts, 70% of bulking is done in the kitchen.

The meaning of this is that you can only bulk by eating right. Generally, you need to eat a lot of protein and other macronutrients to bulk. What you eat daily right now is probably just what your body needs to survive.

To get excess nutrients for bodybuilding, you need to increase your food intake.

You also need to use mass growth stacks.

The stacks have got extra nutrients plus ingredients to activate or rev up muscle synthesis.

Apart from eating more and consuming mass growth stacks, you need to train hard.

You need to focus on weightlifting exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and the bench press. Doing such exercises will force your body to use the excess protein you have consumed to develop, enlarge, strengthen, and fortify your muscles.

And it is the enlarging of your muscles that will make you bulk.

So what you should do right now is to write down a calorie-excess diet to follow. Make sure your diet is protein-heavy and include best protein powders if necessary.

And then research and write down a workout plan. Make sure you have at least two rest days in a week and that you sleep at least 7 hours daily. For working out without resting is zero work. Your muscles need time (rest) to repair and grow.

How to Cut

The definition of cutting is to reduce. In bodybuilding, cutting is to lower body fat levels to a healthy minimum and to look significantly chiseled. This is not also easy to achieve.

Because fat is difficult to lose. Anyway, there are several steps you can follow to cut after bulking. The steps are changing your diet and altering your workout plan.

Changing your diet should include reducing the amount of food you ate to bulk. So reduce your consumption by 15 or 20%. This will reduce your calorie and fat accumulation (the things that make you look big and bloated).

Once you reduce your food intake, include lean muscle supplements and cutting formulas like CB pack. Lean muscle supplements will help you to maintain what you gained while bulking, while cutting formulas will help you to cut faster.

In addition to tweaking your diet as above, you should alter your workout plan. While you will still need to weight train to maintain your muscles, you should consider more cardio.

This is because cardio exercises help with fat burning/ cutting better than weight training exercises.

More About Bulking and Cutting

So there you have it. You now know exactly how to bulk and how to cut. In the sections above I mentioned some supplements including protein powders, mass builders, lean supplements, and cutting supplements.

Supplements are very important to those who seek to bulk or cut faster. They are very important because they provide the needed ingredients in the right quantities.

The benefits of supplements to fitness freaks include:

  • To provide micro and macro nutrients that the body does not have in sufficient quantities.
  • To provide nutrients that the body needs to grow.
  • To provide nutrients that the body needs for optimum health and wellbeing.
  • To provide whatever is lacking in diet.
  • To provide ingredients that sharpen the mind, improve focus, and boost energy.

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