Best Energy Pills Guide: Benefits, How Supplements for Energy Work, Side Effects and Where to Buy Them

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As if you haven’t noticed, there’s a great need for everyone to be up and doing.

Times are pretty tough these days but in any case you must still find a way to stay abreast of situations, otherwise the medals would always to go those who know how to play smart.

Getting through the day whether at work or at the gym requires that you’re energetic, strong and ready to tackle any challenge headlong.

But this is a far cry from what we can really stand up to and in most conditions the reverse is always the case- weak, tired and expended with no strength and even little concentration power.

But this is a fast-paced generation where it seems like there’s a solution for everything.

People no longer have to worry about not taking a balanced diet trusting in mineral and vitamin supplements to give them the needed boost.

In the same vein, men and women now fancy using energy boosters to ensure mental wakefulness.

CEOs, Executives and those who require sufficient brain power and extreme level of focus to get a task done also take these pills in order to increase productivity.

Bodybuilders and strength trainers need an improved concentration in order to workout harder, lift more weights and ultimately boost athletic performance.

What are Energy Pills?

These are natural pills that are designed for people who constantly lack energy to carry on their routine activities.

They are made from naturally occurring substances that have been clinically proven to work plus they are very safe and legal.

Depending on what you’re expecting from these pills, you’ll always find the right ones to help you focus on achieving your goals.

These supplements could be in form of pills that help you stay awake.

By including caffeine, a stimulant that amplifies your energy and increases your focus, it becomes easier to work harder and much longer only that you’re going to be awake much longer than you expected.

And not having enough sleep isn’t good for your health.

There’s this other type known as speed pills- a highly potent stimulant that cranks your nervous system to life working its way up to your brain increasing focus and alertness.

Generally, these energy supplements are very legal to use in that they are only designed to increase productivity and performance.

Core Benefits of Premium Energy Supplements

Since there are different types of energy pills out there, there is need for you to choose the one that actually works and not forgetting to shove the side effects too.

In the light of this, we’ll uncover some of the benefits of energy pills.

  • Strength and endurance

These pills are used to build strength by eliminating fatigue giving you prolonged energy outburst during high intensity training sessions.

Energy supplements boosts athletic prowess by supporting smooth muscle contraction, increasing power and strength to engage in more ruthless repetitions.

  • Fights fatigue and restores energy

The critical detail bodybuilders and athletes look out for in these pills include the ability to recover rapidly, improve strength and boost athletic performance in general.

As long as they find it easier to workout longer and train as hard as possible until they achieve their expected results.

These supplements helps in quick recovery from dehydration by providing the body with electrolytes necessary to keep the body hydrated while boosting cognitive function.

  • Weightloss benefit

Considering the caliber of ingredients contained in most energy pills (which of course is critical for you to find out), these pills work for various reasons as discussed in one of the sub-heads above.

Since being overweight causes you to be lethargic, giving you the license to lazy around.

You can get these pills to get you on the other side of obese making you smart and as fit as a fiddle.

  • Enhance Performance

Energy pills are one of the pills taking to ignite your performance helping you bask strong and get you competition ready.

  • Mental alertness and focus

Let’s face it. When you’re in the middle of an important task and you find it difficult to meet up with the deadline. The feeling can be very unpalatable.

In such situations, we can barely concentrate let alone completing the tasks in record time.

Energy pills are used to reduce the impact of stress thus increasing your mental ability to focus and enhance your memory as well.

Energy Supplement

Causes of Lack of Energy

You feel concerned about why you constantly run out of energy so frequently.

There are some reasons for this.

However, you should know that the causes of lack of energy in males differ slightly from those affecting the female folks.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, it simply means that you are you’ve run out of energy reserve.

We’ll briefly examine them under the following categories.

  • Physical Causes

Different strokes for different folks, so a popular maxim goes.

It is usually a frustrating situation when you realize that you are suddenly stuck because you simply have run out fuel to engage your mental prowess as well as your physical strength.

When you find yourself experiencing any of the following, then it’s time for a change in plan.

  • Fatigue
  • Lack of stamina
  • Dwindling energy
  • Muscle aches
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy

However, other physical condition that leads to decreased energy levels includes the following:

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Diseases such as constipation, allergies, cancer, diabetes, liver and kidney failures
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Psychological Causes

Ever been in a situation where you feel mentally fagged out hardly being able to concentrate for long.

Hopefully, this is not happening when you’re about closing a deal.

If you also engage in brain tasking activities like writing, planning or engage in other sensitive duties, I bet you’ll give anything to ensure you bring you’re game” to the show any time.

Here are some things you’re possibly contending with that can affect you psychologically.

  • Moodiness or sadness
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia (sleeping difficulty)
  • Feeling bored
  • Concentration difficulty
  • Lifestyle Causes

Certain activities that you get involved in can equally affect your performance.

Some examples are given below:

  • Living a sedentary lifestyle can cause you to be so lazy that you’ll barely have the strength to undertake any task;
  • Not eating the right kinds of food as well as overeating;
  • Lack of rest;
  • Use of alcohol and narcotics;
  • Being excessively involved in a physical activity.

The good thing is that this aspect can be easily controlled simply by eating a well-balanced diet, drinking sufficient water to keep your system clean, avoid taking drugs and strong drinks, exercise regularly, sleep and rest regularly or at intervals (it allows your body cells to recuperate and get energized in the process).

Ingredients Used in Supplements for Energy

The ingredient choice in the supplement you choose could make or mar you. So, you need to take caution when ordering for them.

Energy Supplement Helps Muscle GainsSome of the most featured ones, known to be effective and healthy too include:

  • Ginseng

It is used as a herbal remedy for many years.

Ginseng is very useful for providing so many benefits such as boosting the immune system, reduces inflammation, increases focus and concentration, reduces stress, combats fatigue and also has antioxidant effects.

  • Caffeine anhydrous

This is very common in sports drink known for stimulating mental alacrity and heightened focus.

  • Guarana

Guarana is a herbal dietary supplement that helps to greatly increase energy production.

It also contains caffeine which makes it a great caffeine alternative and also helps in preventing weight gain effectively.

  • Iron

Iron is common in most vitamin and bodybuilding supplements because it has a huge potential on one’s overall health.

Studies have revealed that this supplement helps in providing oxygenated blood to the body as well as being used for treating nutritional deficiency diseases.

  • Vitamin B12

It is a dietary supplement vital for keeping you in a great mood, improving your skin, decreasing memory loss, building and maintain blood cells and also aids digestion.

  • Folic Acid

This is a multi-functional dietary supplement that offers some immense health benefits to the body.

Although naturally present in your diet, it is usually insufficient to bring up you up to speed on your daily activities.

  • Calcium

Unknown to many, research proves that calcium has a lot of benefits apart from bone health.

It is also known to be used in treating diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and other diseases.

  • Amino acids

Actually amino acids are the reasons proteins are very functional.

It is necessary to reduce lethargy, boost strength and strengthen the body’s immunity against diseases.

  • Green Tea

Famous for its weight loss benefits, it also includes a wide range of antioxidant benefits to keep your body healthy while providing you with the pump that you need.

  • Gingko Biloba

This is an herbal extract that around for a long time and has been used for long to treat certain conditions among certain conditions such as depression, blurry vision, memory loss and anxiety.

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How Exactly Do These Supplements for Energy and Focus Work?

These pills help to boost one’s overall performance by giving you an edge over your counterparts in terms of mental and physical energy.

They also contain ingredients that stimulate anabolic growth through effective fat burning mechanisms and improved metabolism.

Others may contain additional ingredients to increase your work rate while providing your body with essential amino acids and vitamins necessary to keep you in a healthy state.

In general, they are designed to help you achieve great results with the shortest time frame available.

Are ‘Stay Awake' Pills Good for You?

Stay awake pills may not be a familiar term for most people while others actually use these pills without actually knowing what they are taking into their bodies.

But the question again is should you take it?

The short answer here is it depends and here’s the reason why.

Please note this first. If you do not have any reason to take them, then do not even bother.

Caffeine is a major ingredient found in these pills.

There are other ones too.

But the fact is they activate neurotransmitters in the body darting through your muscles, heart and brain to keep you very active depriving you of sleep consequentially.

On the contrary, these are not addictive drugs.

They are not even banned.

But why would you want to lose your sleep over something irrelevant. Well, here’s why your choice to use stay awake pills should depend on necessity.

If you need something to keep you awake through the night for some important reason like reading for an examination, driving all night, then this might be what you have been looking for.

Being on a tight schedule and a limited deadline can be very exhaustive, trying out these pills won’t hurt either.

However, it is just right to be moderate when it comes to matters of your health and your life will be normal and happy.

Tips for Choosing the Best Energy Pills

When making a decision on what to buy, it is important that first you understand what you need it for in the first place.

If you’re looking for a daily dose of energy to get through the day regardless of the stress involved, then you should probably take your time to figure out what you’re expecting your supplement to do for you.

Some selection criteria for choosing a good energy pill are listed below.

  • Caffeine content should not be excessive

While some folks appreciate the use of caffeine because of the way it makes them feel, others feel differently about it.

What it does is to manipulate your brain to think that you are not tired by keeping you awake. In this state, you can go on working for hours without any sign of fatigue.

But the catch is that prolonged and reckless use will get to tell on your health later.

So, you should read supplement labels to understand what exactly is contained and what is not.

  • It has to be backed by scientific research.

If your energy booster contains is overly dosed with unnecessary substances, it means you should turn around and avoid it.

If you have spare time, it is recommended that you research the ingredients and their benefits to know if it’s actually good for you.

Although this is not a guarantee that it will work wonders but at least you’re sure that you’re not taking anything that will threaten your health.

  • It has to work for you.

Granted, there’s no easier way to know this until after you have tried it obviously.

But by studying the ingredients list, you can be sure to determine if it will work for you.

And if you’re using one that doesn’t work, you should probably switch to something much better.

  • It must be convenient to use.

One of the things that turn a lot of people off is the fact that they will have to consume dozens of pills simply because they want to feel better.

An ideal dosage of a good supplement shouldn’t be more than 2 to 4 servings daily.

  • It shouldn’t be expensive

Despite the benefits they bring you, a good product should not be overpriced.

Where to Buy Real Natural Energy Supplements

There are quite a number of places where you can get the best energy pills to deliver the results you crave for.

A simple research about various online stores is all you need. But this doesn’t promise to be a smooth ride all the way.

If you dig deeper, you just might strike gold.

To make it easy on you, your best bet is to visit a website that provides detailed information with available natural supplements that can work for you.

Such companies should have user testimonials backing up their product’s effectiveness, success rates as well as let you in on what the company is, what they are up to and a responsive feedback system is very critical too.

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Possible Side Effects?

The hype is everywhere about what these supplements can do for you.

Do they really work? Yes they do.

But is it all rosy for users who take them?

They actually offer some side effects but not to worry, these are not detrimental to your health. They would normally pass on their own.

Some of the side effects of energy pills you should be aware of include:

  • Insomnia

Most energy pills contain caffeine or some other stimulating substances.

Although individual body capacities vary, these ingredients are so strong that they can cause you to lose sleep in a bid to provide you with extreme energy.

So, you probably avoid using them at night in order to avoid sleep disorder.

  • Headache

This situation is common with those who indulge in the bad habit of taking caffeine excessively. And when you do not have enough sleep, you tend to feel your head spinning causing it to ache.

Continuing this way could cause migraine for the user.

This is why you should always check product labels in order to ascertain the quantity of stimulant used.

  • Increase in Heart Rate

The truth is that the side effects of these strength boosting supplements are mostly the aftermath of an aggressive overuse.

In the same way, when you take these pills in excessive amounts, it cause your nervous system to become over stimulated, speed up metabolic processes in the body thereby causing a persistent increased the rate of your heart beat.

So, for those with known medical conditions such as high blood pressure or any heart disease, energy pills with caffeine is certainly not an option that’s good for you at this time.


Energy supplements and pills are the reigning thing these days.

The world seems filled with busy people constantly on the pursuit to make ends meet, get involved in some incredible physical activity yet with no clue how to keep up with the pace and match strength with ruggedness.

You can find some many supplements for energy brands in today’s marketplace that promise to deliver incredible results.

In any case, the one you choose should contain the right blend of vitamins, herbs and strength enhancing ingredients that naturally help you find the stamina and mental clarity to get you out of a stuck up situation.

Energy Supplement

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