Clentrimix Elite Series Review: 1st Class Fat Burner, Increase Muscle Composition & Better Performance

Clentrimix for Lean Mass
90 Tablets. Last 30 Days

There’s more focus on weightloss for women than men, looking at most of the markets for fat burning supplements, you would think it was.

But am here to shed more light on it that bodybuilding guys make use of fat burning supplements too, crazymass knows that.

They offer CrazyMass Clentrimix Elite Series with a thermogenic effect that burns all the visceral and subcutaneous fat in your body with increased energy level.

If you are looking for a versatile food supplement which can shed the excess fat present in your body and enhance your muscle mass giving you the beach physique, you need to go through this Clentrimix elite series review.

Clentrimix removes the dangers of Clenbuterol for the user, but retains many benefits of it.

It is specifically formulated as a ‘cutting’ supplement, which means that its primary function is to reduce the fat storage of the user, while helping to maintain muscle mass gained through exercise.

Clentrimix Elite Series Review

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What is Clentrimix Elite Series?

Clentrimix from Crazymass is a safe, legal and effective alternative to Clenbuterol which is known as the strongest fat burner.

It is a thermogenic fat burner that boost metabolism to encourage faster fat burning in your body curbing appetite and reduces hunger.

What makes it unique is that it works without negative side effects that are associated with Clenbuterol.

It works excellently for both bulking and cutting cycles which also help you get competition ready abs quickly.

It is widely used by beauty contestants.

One of the most positive effects of this supplement is that it can help to eliminate water retention so as to help you reveal obscured muscle.

When you find out how this amazing Clentrimix Elite Series can do for your body, health and fitness, you will surely want to buy it.

The natural ingredients used in this product make it quite impressive.

They are formulated together to create a great formula that will enhance your muscle mass, stamina, endurance and burn all the unwanted fat.

Ingredients used in this product?

The natural ingredients used in this product distinguished it from its competitors giving the best and quick results without any side effects.

CrazyMass Clentrimix Elite Series ingredients are from herbal source, they include;

  • Citrus Aurantium 30% concentration; this is a bitter that helps to increase the metabolic rate to remove excess fat, it contains Synephrine which stimulates the adrenal gland to effect fat burning, appetite suppression and natural energy.
  • Yohimbe 8% concentration– it helps to increase your adrenaline, fatty acid mobilization and decreasing fat synthesis for easier workouts. It is also an appetite suppressant.
  • Garcinia Gum 50% concentration– It prevent fat accumulation and is also an appetite suppressant.
  • Guarana 50% concentration; is a dietary supplements containing both niacin and caffeine working together to boost energy level.
  • Niacin; it is very important in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates into energy.   It possesses vascular anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can contribute to improvements in cardiovascular outcomes.
  • Niacinamide; is a brother to niacin, it removes unwanted fat

Shed Unwanted Fat, Retain Hard Lean


  • 100% legal, Powerful and Safe Alternative to Clenbuterol
  • It helps to burn excess fat
  • It is suitable for both cutting and bulking cycles
  • It reduces Hunger and appetite
  • It eliminates water retention and reveals obscured muscle
  • It increases muscle composition and muscle fiber size
  • It is ephedrine free
  • It is not toxic to liver or kidneys
  • It does not give jitters
  • No known side effects
  • It shows results in less than 2 weeks


  • The product is only available on online, you cannot buy it from local store.
  • No refund for opened bottles.
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The great benefits of Clentrimix Elite Series

Are you looking for a great fat-burner that will increase your energy levels and muscle size, Clentrimix found answer to this!

It promised benefits makes it the best cutting supplement for anyone who lifts weights, it is also ideal for women looking for more effective fat-burner.

  • It isn’t injected, it can be taken orally
  • It enhances your metabolism
  • It gives an increase in your ratio of muscle to fat
  • It increases your muscle size and gives better muscle quality
  • It helps in better oxygen transportation and nervous system stimulation
  • It works great in cutting cycles
  • It increases your endurance and stamina for workouts.
  • It is a safe stimulant for focus and drive
  • It is made in USA
  • It is suitable for both men and women
  • It can be shipped to anywhere in the world

CrazyMass Cutting (Paravar, Cutting & Bulking)
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How does it work?

This is one of the few products that offer noticeable results in a very short time.

It starts working instantly after you have taken it, to increase your metabolism and melt away any unwanted fat.

It has the growth enhancing formula which targets large muscle groups which enable you to gain more weight in lean muscle tissue and most importantly in a cutting cycle.

It also drops pounds of excess water retention as well as the body fat.

It functions by protecting your nervous system which makes your body to get the necessary oxygen to guarantee a great workout. It is a stimulating supplement that contains growth promoting properties, categorized in the B2 agonist compound glass.

Bodybuilders who are professionals, pro and amateur sought out for this compound because of its growth-promoting characteristics.

People who want to get fit by improving their physical appearance also demand this.

Why you should choose this product

If you use this supplement according to the manufacturer description, your stamina and endurance will enhanced in a great way.

Your digestive system will become stronger and it will absorb all the nutrients from the food.

Your central nervous system will be simulated and the transportation of oxygen will happen efficiently.

You will become very active, slim and trim.

It is possible to use the product without any hesitation as it is permitted legally.

There is high increase in demand of this product because of it quick results people experience when they take it.

In fact, it is a great way to shed unnecessary fat and gain toned physique. Your muscle mass and strength will increase. You can use the product even during cutting cycles as well.

There is no need for needles or injections; you can take it orally since it is in pill form. Injectable steroids are not totally legal, but this product is 100% legal and much safer than steroids.

Stack Options (Can it be stack with other crazy mass products?)

In the world of bodybuilding, the term “stacking” is commonly used and refers to when you use more than one supplement constantly or you use it in combination with each other.

Supplement works effectively when you stacked it with other compatible supplement.

It can be combined with Winnidrol and Paravar.

But consider a cutting stack with Clentrimix; you will really impress by the results.

  • Cutting Stack is a combination of four supplements from Crazymass. It combines this product with Winnidrol, Paravar and Testosterone max for excellent cutting results.
  • Ultimate Stack is the full Bulking and Cutting stack for serious bodybuilders. It can help you gain lean and hard muscle very quickly. This stack combines this product with Anadrolone, D-anaoxn, T-Bal 75, Deckadrolone and Testosterone max.

Clentrimix Vs Crazy Mass Cutting Pack

Any possible side effects

This product won`t put you at risk of any side effects, because it contains natural ingredients, so take it without any worries.

It is 100% safe, legal, and alternative to clenbuterol. You will not experience any Clentrimix side effects, if you use the tablets according to the manufacturer’s directions and undertake moderate physical exercises.

You will burn the fat efficiently with the toned physique that you desire especially in women.

Where to buy Clentrimix product?

As a non-prescription supplement it is not available in local stores, you can only purchase it online. You can place orders on the official website.

You will experience the health benefits of Clentrimix Elite Series when you purchase this product from the official website.

You will not find it in GNC, Walmart, or Amazon. You will also be eligible for refund policy and other discounts like buy 2 bottles and you get one free.

You can also buy this product as part of the CrazyMass Cutting Stack or the Ultimate Stack which would also bring down the price. Delivery to anywhere in US is free

Best Offers

Residents of the United States can avail of free shipping and competitive rates are in place for customers elsewhere. Every 3rd item you purchase is free (i.e. Buy 2, get 1 one free) and there are special combo/stack packages at discounted prices.

You will get 40% discount on combo pack and 20% discount to active military personnel. No-fuss 14 day money back guarantee on this product

It is shipped to any part of the world!

Shipping and handling in and around the United States and Canada is free.

Shipping to other countries attract a TOKEN fees of $12.99 — regardless the size of the package.

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When is the right time to use it?           

During cutting cycles is the best time to use it. Most of the bodybuilders, athletes and professionals used it during cutting.

You get the best results during this cycle.

There is different between Cutting cycles and bulking cycles.

In bulking when you bulk, your diet and workouts, as well as supplements, are all prepared towards packing on as much bulk and muscle tissue as possible.

You will naturally gain some water weight as well as unwanted body weight just with all that bulking.

A bulking cycle will follow by a cutting cycle.

In that time when you are working on your cutting cycle, you shift all your focus from bulking to trimming down the excess water and fat.

In result, you will get super cut muscles.

Your muscles will be more clearly shown and define more significant improvements in vascularity, after a successful cutting cycle with a supplement such as Clentrimix.

Usage Guidelines

Take one tablet 3 times a day, with meals. For most effective results, use continuously for at least 2 months.

Each serving consists of 1 tablet.

Each bottle contains 90 tablets.

For best results, it is advised you use the product for at least 2 months.

One bottle of Clentrimix will serve your needs for one month.

When you start taking it, you will notice and feel the boost and increase of energy in your body and also endurance in the gym.

It should be taken with cutting cycles only two months. You can take these supplements even when you don’t work out.


Even though this product is prepared with high quality ingredients, it should not be used by people suffering with health issues.

You should stop the intake of the tablets if you notice any adverse effects and consult your physician immediately.


The fact that this product works like Clenbuterol but doesn’t come with the side effects or legal problems is enough to make us recommend Clentrimix Elite Series because it is manufactured at FDA approved laboratories.

You can used it quite confidently as it is prepared with safe and high quality ingredients. For you to achieve your goals, you should use it as per directions on the product.

Use this product to elevate your cutting phase to the next level whether it’s for performance, bodybuilding and wellness.

You will receive bulk discounts and freebies if you order the product from the official website.

CrazyMass Cutting (Paravar, Cutting & Bulking)
Buy 2 Get 1 FREE
Buy 2: 1 Free
Buy 2: 1 Free

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