Winstrol Only Cycle – Guide for Men, Women. Plus Benefits of WINSOL Pills over Dangerous Steroids…

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Winsol only cycle results depend on whether you stack it with other anabolic steroids or use it as standalone in a cycle.

The length of the cycle and dosage affect the outcome as well. For these reasons you need to plan ahead before using it.

A Brief Explanation of Winsol only Circle

Winstrol only cycle for cutting means precisely that, you don’t take anything else while you’re on a cycle.

Some apply the term stacking only with anabolic steroids so if you take other health supplements it still counts as an only cycle.

Strictly speaking however, a standalone cycle should mean just that, Winstrol only.

5 Benefits of Winstrol Only Circle

Winstrol provides a lot of benefits, but the following are the most crucial.

  • Improves athletic performance:

By athletic performance we mean agility, strength and performance.

Winstrol isn’t going to bulk up your body like a weightlifter, but you will end up with a lean, muscular physique, which is what athletes need in order to be competitive.

  • Maintains lean muscle:

Burning body fat is just one part of the equation.

You also need to preserve those lean muscle tissues to fully optimize the performance gains you have made.

That is what Winstrol does: you keep all those lean muscles while getting rid of the stubborn body fat around your belly, thighs and other body parts.

  • Increases physical endurance:

Winstrol increases the level of oxygen available for your muscles, and this gives you the strength and energy to keep going.

As your physical endurance goes up, your workouts become more intense and this will translate into a better overall athletic performance.

  • Burn body fat:

We already mentioned this earlier so there is no need to go over the details again.

However it should suffice to say that Winstrol takes body fat burning to another level and you’ll get those sharp, lean muscles quickly.

You can even stack Winstrol with other steroids to burn even more body fat.

  • Has limited side effects compared to other anabolic steroids:

Winstrol is one of those anabolic steroids that women can use because it is milder compared to the others.

While there are possible side effects, they can be avoided if you take a low dose and stay on a healthy diet and exercise.

One of the most common myths concerning Winstrol is that it is only good for the cutting phase and won’t build muscle.

That is not true: while its main purpose is to improve athletic performance, this steroid also gives your muscles a boost by enhancing protein synthesis and increasing the amount of oxygen and red blood cells in your body.

The bottom line is Winstrol is good for both cutting and bulking.

There is a reason why this is one of the most popular steroids today and why men and women love it.

If you’re an athlete, it may be the only performance enhancer you will need.

Its formulation is for increasing your flexibility and power, and because it doesn’t add too much mass, people won’t notice the difference.

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When to Stack Winstrol and When NOT to Stack

Stacked and Winstrol only cycle side effects can be minimized by taking the right approach to their use.

As many users will tell you, knowing when to stack and when not to stack is the secret to making the most of the steroid and maximizing your potential.

While Winstrol only cycle reviews show how effective it is, others prefer to stack it.

In the end it’s your call to make, but here are some general guidelines you can follow.

Take Winstrol only if:

  • Your objective is to improve athletic performance and improve agility, speed and power.
  • You are not a bodybuilder and not looking to add a lot of mass or bulk.
  • Your goal is to boost your physical performance without putting on additional pounds that could compromise your movement and agility.
  • You are into the cutting phase and want to remove body fat.

You should however, stack Winstrol if:

  • Your goal is to bulk up and accelerate muscle growth. Winstrol is not a bulking agent. It isn’t going to bulk you up the way other steroids do because its main benefits are improving physical agility and boost your athletic prowess.
  • You are entering a bodybuilding competition and need to put on a lot of muscles.
  • You need a testosterone boost. One of the more common side effects of Winstrol is reducing your testosterone level, so if you notice any of the symptoms affecting you, add a testosterone supplement to your cycle.

These are only general rules and your individual preferences and inclinations will play a part in how you use it. To avoid complications you need to consider your goals.

Do you want to burn fat?

Or is your goal to gain muscles? Are you an athlete looking for a performance gain but don’t want to put on any fat?

By answering these questions you’ll be in a better position to decide whether stacking is something you need or can do without.

One of the reasons why some Winstrol results don’t turn out as well as they should is due to lack of planning and foresight.

If you plan ahead, a lot of the possible complications can be avoided and you’ll achieve your desired goals much more quickly.

Best Stacking Options for Women Looking to Burn Fat and Tone

Winstrol cycle dosage for women who want to lose body fat is around 10 mg a day or every other day.

Every other day is only for beginners however, and most women can handle 10 mg per day without any problems.

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If you want to stack Winstrol, the best option is Primobolan Depot as the two work together well it comes to burning fat and cutting.

Anavar is another good choice for women as it is mild and doesn’t cause any major side effects.

10 mg of Anavar per day combined with Winstrol will produce good results both in terms of losing fat and general body toning.

If your goal is more on shedding body fat, consider stacking Winstrol and clenbuterol together.

Strictly speaking clen is not a steroid, but it is widely used by bodybuilders and fitness buffs because it is one of the most effective fat burning solutions out there, much more potent than weight loss pills.

Since clen can produce some unpleasant side effects, women should limit their intake of clen to 20 mcg.

Don’t take more than that as the side effects could kick in, and even at just 20 mcg you’re going to feel the effects of losing fat soon enough.

The average cycle length for women is 4 to 6 weeks, but advanced users sometimes go for as long 8 weeks.

Before stacking with other anabolic steroids, make sure that it is mild enough for women to use.

Best Stacking Options for Men Looking to Burn Fat and Lean

Men have a lot of options if they want to use Winstrol to burn fat and preserve lean muscle.

First of all, Winstrol by itself is an effective fat burner, hence the reason why it is used in the cutting phase.

On its own Winstrol is effective as a fat burner, but it can do a lot more when stacked with other anabolic steroids.

Just like with women, stacking clen with Winstrol is going to go far in terms of lowering your body fat percentage while preserving your lean muscles.

Clenbuterol dosages vary quite a bit among men, but the minimums should be 40 mcg and no more than 160 mcg. In fact even the bare minimum should be enough to produce good results.

300 mg to 500 mg of testosterone supplement weekly is also recommended to make up for the low testosterone production in your body.

Feel free to boost the test supplement dosage if your level is down.

As for lean muscle growth and retention, you have a lot of options like anavar, trenbolone, dianabol, decaduro and anadrol.

When it comes to these steroids, always start at the low dosage levels and increase them only when needed.

The efficiency of a stack also depends on how long the cycle is, so keep that in mind.

A standard cycle is 6 to 8 weeks though you can extend it up to 12 weeks if you’re an advanced user.

There is no limit to the number of steroids you can stack with Winstrol, but it’s best to take it slowly if you are beginner so it’s easier to pinpoint the source of side effects if they arise.


Whether it’s Winstrol only cycle for athletes or you stack it with other anabolic steroids, the point is this anabolic steroid is going to provide the results you’re looking for.

Will there be side effects?

Yes, there will be regardless if it is a cycle using only Winstrol or with other steroids.

As to which is better, stacking or standalone, the answer is it depends on your goals and by planning ahead, you will know which approach is appropriate.

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