PRIMOBOLAN Guide: Benefits, Side Effects, Legalities & Best Alternatives

Fact one is that Primobolan is a steroid.

Order probolan 50 ReviewsLet that just sink in before we go into the real facts.

Fact two, this article is intended for informational purposes only and should in no way be taken as a recommendation for the use of steroids.

With those two FACTS out there, now to the core of the matter!

What exactly is Primobolan?

Primobolan (Primo) is a popular anabolic steroid that is mostly used for cutting cycles.

Some say it is one of the weakest roids.

In other words, it doesn’t provide the kind of muscle growth associated with steroids.

However, it does cut out all that extra weight making you unnecessarily bulky.

Proper use of Primo in a cutting cycle will reveal a sexy, well-chiselled body that is 100% competition-ready!

It also helps maintain weight off-season.

The chemical name of Primobolan is Methenolone [C22H32O3]. It was first made in Germany over fifty years ago by Schering pharmaceutical company.

Why is it popular?

Some say it was mentioned by bodybuilding legend and former California Governor, Schwarzenegger as one of the drugs that contribute to his previous award-winning physique.

However, we couldn’t locate the interview, so the statement could be just marketing-speak for all we know.

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What are the major benefits of Primobolan?

  1. It is used for cutting

It is one of the few steroids used specifically for cutting cycles. In fact, it is almost always never used for bulking.

The best thing about Primo, is that it prevents fat accumulation because it cannot be aromatized into estrogen.

Estrogen is known for fat retention, water retention and several other undesirable side effects.

This allows you to gain firm and sexy fat-free mass during training.

When used for cutting, bodybuilders often stack it with other steroids (non-aromatizing types) such as Trenbolone. To gain some serious muscle even as they cut out the fat.

  1. It is important for maintaining muscle off-season

The facts that Primobolan is one of the safest steroids around and that it increases nitrogen retention makes it popular for use off-season.

Cutting and lean with PrimobolanWhen not training or when in between cycles, bodybuilders often avoid steroids and supplements to clean up their systems.

However, some fear losing hard-gained muscles and deploy some steroids to prevent this from happening.

Since the point is to rid the system of powerful (and potentially dangerous steroids), most often stick to primo because it is milder than the rest and poses very little risk when taken in moderate doses.

Increased nitrogen retention also allows continued muscle synthesis and repair preventing your muscles from wasting even when on a relatively low-calorie diet.

  1. Stacked with powerful steroids for lean gains

As mentioned earlier, it can be stacked with other steroids for enhanced gains.

Some of the potent steroids it's often stacked with for bulking cycles include Anadrol, Dbol and Testosterone.

On their own, these powerful roids enable users to add plenty of muscle to their frames. When coupled with primo they produce a firm, ripped physique.

The kind of physique that will be the envy of many bros.

  1. Primo enhances muscle recovery

When between cycles, you need your muscles to fully recover and get ready for the next cycle/ phase.

Primobolan does this spectacularly.

It helps increase oxygen supply to muscles allowing them to experience full growth by bumping up the number of red blood cells in the system.

Primo also boosts endurance.

  1. Provides good strength

Though it is less known for it, it provides good strength for weightlifting and other high-intensity exercises.

  1. Used in medical circles

Primo was initially meant for medical use, specifically the treatment of HIV-related muscle-wasting diseases. It was also previously prescribed to strengthen patients with osteoporosis (weak bones).

Primobolan has also been used to boost immune systems.

  1. Can be used by women

The mild nature of Primobolan makes it perfect for use by women.

This is especially true if it is taken in low doses.

Women can use it for cutting cycles to get those much craved for washboard abs!

It is also less androgenic compared to other steroids. This makes it less likely for female users of the drug to develop masculine qualities like a deeper voice and more body hair.

  1. Relatively limited side effects

When compared to other roids, it's popular because of its limited side effects.

As suggested by the experts who spoke to this writer of the New York Times, Primobolan, has a very little risk of feminizing bodybuilders as it doesn’t convert to estrogen (a female sex hormone).

Primo Cyc;e for Insane Workout

Popular Primobolan cycles for amateur and intermediate bodybuilders

Most (if not all) Primobolan cycles are cutting cycles.

The cycles are often deployed a few weeks before competitions or hitting the beach walkways.

Some stack primo with more potent drugs such as Trenbolone and Testosterone for the first eight weeks.

One of the most popular cycles is that which runs for 10 weeks at 400 mg of Primo per week and 300 mg of Testosterone Enanthate per week.

400 mg of Primo is considered adequate for beginners and intermediate users.

+ Test and Winstrol

Another popular cycle involves stacking the steroid with Test and Winstrol for more complete gains.

The cycle is made up of two injections a week of 400 mg Winstrol and 100 mg Testosterone Enanthate plus 100 mg of Primo daily for a total cycle time of 10 weeks.

Advanced bodybuilders can take up to 1000 mg per week because Primobolan is milder than Deca, Anadrol, and Trenbolone.

Primobolan dosage guide

So what dose should you not exceed?”

Beginners should take no more than 400 mg of the steroid per week, while intermediate bodybuilders should take about 600 mg a week.

Due to its low potency and risk of side effects, hardcore bodybuilders can take up to 1000 mg per week for maximum sculpting.

Although there is little risk of masculinization, amateur female bodybuilders should cycle primo at concentrations of no more than 100 mg per week for short bursts of four weeks.

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Versus Primobolan Depot

Both Primo and Primobolan depot have Methenolone as the active compound, molecule.

However, there are differences between the two; the attached chemical molecules and the form of administration.

Primobolan has a small acetate ester attached and is meant for oral intake, while Depot has a bigger Enanthate ester and is meant to be injected.

Both work the same way.

However, injections are preferred for cutting because they are thought to have a lower risk of causing side harmful side effects.

Primobolan Side Effects: Health Consideration, Legality Issues and Sports Regulations

This is one of the few articles in which I have sung repeatedly about the relatively mild side effects of Primobolan.

The key word here is relatively.

Though Primobolan is mild compared to other, its side effects are still severe.

Think about this way, Primobolan’s oral format is methylated meaning it can be harmful to the liver especially if taken in high doses in extended cycles.

The effect of the injected form on the liver is not known.

However, would you risk using something yet know for sure that it can affect one of your most important organs (the liver)?

And even though it is milder than most steroids, Primobolan also suppresses the production of natural testosterone.

In fact, it can reduce natural testosterone production by up to 65% even in mild concentrations.

Imagine the levels of your main sex hormone being reduced by over half.

Nasty, right?

For those who don’t know, low testosterone levels are associated with irregular moods, low libido, low sex drive, stress, and variety of other unwanted effects.

It also has the potential for hair loss.

So taking it may give you the body you want but may take away your mane.

Women who take high doses in extended cycles still face the risk of getting masculine qualities including deep voices and more body hair.

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  • Legality Issues

In the United States, it is illegal to sell or distribute Primo.

It was banned in July 1989 by the US Food and Drug Administration.

It cannot be prescribed for any medical condition in the US making it a black market drug.

If found in possession of the steroid you will be in plenty of trouble.

In the UK, Canada and Australia?

It is illegal to sell or traffic steroids. However, possession is not considered a criminal offense.

Though not illegal, for reasons such as fair play, sports organizations in most countries around the world do not tolerate the use of steroids including Primobolan.

  • Sports Regulations

Primobolan (Metenolone) is contained in Wada’s list of banned substances.

Though the steroid is less likely to be detected compared to other roids, its detection could lead to your disqualification from subsequent competitive events.

In fact, your previous wins could also be voided and your medals and prize monies given to your competitors.

Primobolan was one of the drugs for which the Russian Olympic team was banned for doping alongside trenbolone and oxandrolone.

Therefore, if you are a sportsman who is serious about his or her sport, you should stay away from Primobolan.

Play fairly!

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Where to buy Primobolan for sale?

It is illegal to sell Primobolan in the United States, Canada and in many other Western countries.

This means any website or individual selling to you is operating an illegal aka criminal business.

Buying from such blatantly illegal sites could get you in trouble.

What’s more, buying something you will inject into your body from laboratories in countries whose names you can’t even pronounce well could result in serious adverse effects including poisoning.

Other foreign websites are downright fake with fake testimonials.

They will get your money and won’t even bother to reply back to your messages.

So there is really no way to buy pure steroids legally.

How to cut and lean the Primobolan Way – without the side effects

Order probolan 50 ReviewsSo we have seen the massive benefits that can be gotten from Primobolan.

However, we have also seen that it can cause some pretty intense side effects, and is illegal in most countries, right?

So how can one cut and lean the Primobolan way without the side effects?


There are several legal, natural and effective alternatives that deliver the same awesome results that Primobolan provides but without any of its negative side effects.

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“Then what is it?”

Probolan 50 is a natural blend of active ingredients that are known to provide the same spectacular benefits that Primobolan is known for – without any health threatening reactions!

Probolan-50 gives you plenty of lean muscle mass. You want that, don’t you?

It does this using clinically proven methods including acceleration of muscle growth through faster protein synthesis.

Next and more importantly, it sears through fat like a knife through butter. It does this by boosting muscle metabolism meaning no extra calories will be left to be stored as fat.

The best feature yet is that it is safe.

Probolan 50 doesn’t come with any side effects like those linked with Primo.

It has been tested by medical professionals and found to be safe for use.

No damaged liver, high blood pressure, hair loss, acne or suppressed testosterone levels/ sex drive.

You will be able to get big and still function well as a man.

In summary, Probolan 50 is a triple threat: it promotes muscle gain, accelerates fat loss, and has no known side effects.

What’s more, it is available for cheap compared to the premium price people pay in the black market for substandard illegal stuff.

So make the right choice.

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QUE: What is Primobolan acetate?

Primobolan acetate is the primary form of Primobolan. Whenever you hear or read Primobolan they are probably talking about this form of the steroid.

It is an anabolic steroid with the following chemical formula C22H32O3. It is often whitish crystalline powder and is known to increase strength (power) and lean mass.

More specifically it is known for its fat-burning effects. This makes a popular addition to cutting stacks/ cycles. It is available for oral administration.

QUE: What is Primobolan Enanthate?

Primobolan Enanthate is similar to Primobolan acetate.

The two work the same way because they have the same active compound; Primobolan.

However, they have different attached compounds. For this particular steroid, the compound is the long Enanthate ester. This long ester makes it slower-acting compared to Primobolan Acetate.

This particular form of PB is more suited for injection.

QUE: Primobolan for women – any advice?

Some experts say Primobolan is the best steroid for women. This is somewhat true.

It has low potency and androgenic qualities. The low potency means it is less likely to have the same kind of levels of harsh effects found in other steroids.

Low androgenic qualities mean that Primobolan is less likely to make female bodybuilders more masculine. At low doses, it doesn’t result in deeper voices or more bodily hair.

Also, it improves, strength and cuts away fat with very little pronounced muscle growth. In short, it is suited for women.

However, it does have negative effects including liver damage if taken frequently.

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QUE: What is Primobolan half-life?

The half-life for Primobolan has been observed at between seven to ten days because of the long Enanthate ester.

This makes it more suited for twice per week injections for effective concentrations to be present in the blood at all times.

The half-life of Primobolan acetate (the oral one) is two to three days. This makes oral primo better suited for daily administration.

QUE: Primobolan vs anavar for cutting: Possible results for user?

The two are used for cutting. Both produce very similar results bringing about chiseled physiques with very little water retention.

However, most experienced users claim that Anavar provides very little muscle gain compared to primo making it a better steroid to go for when on a serious cutting mission.

QUE: Primobolan vs tren: Possible results for user?

Primobolan is a decent steroid that is mainly used in cutting cycles. Tren aka Trenbolone is a much more powerful steroid used for serious muscle building.

So if you really need to bulk up, Trenbolone is the way to go. Tren can provide massive muscle gains. Up to 20 pounds within a few short weeks.

Primobolan gains, on the other hand, are much less.

About 6 pounds after 12 weeks.

If you want to build muscle and cut at the same time, you can stack them both in a cycle to reap their main benefits simultaneously.

QUE: Can I get Primobolan UK or US?

Yes, you can but illegally. Primobolan is a controlled substance in both countries. Its sale, trafficking, advertising or distribution is illegal.

You cannot open and run a shop selling the drug. So whichever website is selling it to you, don’t mind how professional it looks and just know that it is doing illegal business.

Selling Primobolan carries a criminal penalty in the United States. CLICK to order Probolan 50 and ship to UK and Europe.

QUE: Primobolan vs deca: Possible results for user?

Deca aka Deca Durabolin is one of the most popular anabolic steroids around. Famed bodybuilders such as Schwarzenegger are rumored to have used it.

Deca provides crazy benefits including increased mass, strength, and accelerated recovery. You can get up to 25 pounds of extra mass after a deca cycle.

In contrast, Primobolan is a cutting steroid. It burns fat and provides leaner muscle gains.

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QUE: Primobolan vs testosterone: Possible results for user?

Testosterone (test) is a steroid anabolic hormone. It is available in a number of forms including the popular testosterone enanthate.

Test does work.

It delivers pronounced muscle growth in major muscle groups throughout the body.

You may, however, appear bloated. Experienced bodybuilders who want to gain lean mass go for Primobolan stacked with other potent steroids such as Dbol.

QUE: Primobolan vs Winstrol for cutting: Possible results for user?

Compared to Winstrol, Primobolan is the better steroid for cutting. Many users have experienced lean muscle gains and better cuts with Primobolan.

Winistrol, on the other hand, may have far worse side effects. It is thought to aromatize to estrogen resulting in feminine effects like man boobs that you definitely won’t like.

QUE: Primobolan vs primoteston: Possible results for user?

Primobolan is basically Methenolone enanthate, while primoteston is testosterone enanthate. They may have similar sounding attached molecules but their active molecules are not the same.

For Primobolan, it is Primobolan while for primoteston it is testosterone. This may sound obvious but it is the active molecules that will make a difference.

And different active molecules means different results. In this case, Primobolan is more known for bringing lean muscle gains plus better cuts while Testosterone is known for massive muscle gains.

QUE: Primobolan vs HGH: Possible results for user?

Both Primobolan and HGH are known for their cuts. Both are banned substances in sports.

The main difference is that HGH provides better lean muscle gains.

It is known to totally change body composition giving you a firmer and more cut look than Primobolan. HGH makes you look the way you have wanted to look. 

QUE: Primobolan vs masteron: Possible results for user?

Both masteron and Primobolan are anabolic steroids. But there are a few differences in how they exist and how they are used.

It is available in injectable and oral forms, while masteron is only available in injectable form.

It's also primarily used as part of a long-term cutting cycle while masteron is often utilized as a hardener and polisher. Compared to Primobolan, masteron is fast-acting and slightly more potent.

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