Revealing Different Parts of SizeGenetics and Their Functions

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So you have decided to purchase a SizeGenetics penis extender but you don’t know what is what?

If so, you are in the right corner of the web!

In this blog piece we will highlight everything you need to know about SizeGenetics devices, the different parts and their functions

How many types of SizeGenetics are there?

SizeGenetics Parts

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There are three types of SizeGenetics penis extenders

There is the SizeGenetics Ultimate System Package. There is the Comfort Package.

And then there is the Value Edition Package.

All packages are either made in the United States or Denmark, which makes them extremely high-quality.

The most expensive package is the Ultimate Systems Package, while the most affordable one is the Value Edition package.

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What will you find in the packages?

Each package comes with multiple parts. The main part is the SizeGenetics Device itself.

The device is a premium penis extender with a tension force of up to 2800g. This is in contrast to inferior devices that often have a tension of not more than 1500g.

Remember, the higher the tension the more powerful and effective an extender is.

Apart from the main SizeGenetics device, depending on the package, you will find, elongation bars, an instructional DVD, a travel case, lock and key, a leather case, cleaning wipes, seduction E-books, sexual health DVD, Traction powder for the device, a Revita Cream moisturizer for your shlong, and comfort plasters.

As mentioned before, the main item in this package is the penis extender.

The additional items are for making your work easier or making your experience more comfortable.

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SizeGenetics Parts and Functions

Now that you know what you will find in your package, here is the more important info about the parts of the main device and their uses.

Make my penis bigger longer tractionThe most important parts in SizeGenetics devices are the two traction arms.

There is the left side arm and the right side arm. It is these arms that deliver the necessary tension force to trigger your penis to grow.

There is the left side arm and the right side arm. The two are not interchangeable.

Then there are elongation bar sets.

Elongation bar are necessary for a customized elongation experience. If you really want something that fits you well, then they these bar sets are a must-have!

There are the protection parts.

These are for the purpose of ensuring you don’t get bruised and injured during ‘exercise’. Remember, SizeGenetics promises its users the best and safest elongation experience.

It only made sense that their device had protection pads.

The pads work the same way like the comfort straps which also enhance your experience.

Making it possible for you to increase the size of your penis and continue with other activities during the day.

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There three SizeGenetics packages available for sale.

All the packages come with a SizeGenetics penis extender.

The extender has three main parts, the arm, the straps and the bars.

You don’t know how SizeGenetics devices work?

Check out our complete guide how this top rated penis extender and penis traction therapy works.

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