Do The Unthinkable Review: Muscle Food Life-changing Product

Do The Unthinkable Review

 Losing weight can often be a difficult task for many people. All too often the first steps are the hardest and any positive changes make way for falling back into old habits.

Losing weight and keeping it off isn’t a case of just taking on fad diets and crash dieting your way to fast weight loss. It takes a complete culture change to turn your bad habits into good ones.

Once you have done this, you will be on the way to a new, healthier you.

It’s not easy without help though, but not everyone can afford an expensive personal trainer and personal chef. What about people on a more modest budget? Well, they can always Do The Unthinkable.                  

What Is Do The Unthinkable?

What is Do The Unthinkable

The Do The Unthinkable system is a weight loss and lifestyle programme that is designed by the people at Muscle Food.

It’s not just a simple system where you get some simple recipe ideas and a few exercise tips though. It’s a complete lifestyle sculpting system that will help you towards whatever your body sculpting goal is.

The Do The Unthinkable programme offers a number of different aspects to it that will help you to not only begin a new diet, but maintain your new regime and keep yourself in the best shape possible.

The first aspect to it is the carefully curated meal plan.

The second aspect is the exercise programme that will help you to increase your fitness levels slowly, but with consistent progress.

As well as this it offers personal trainer support and video help for the exercise plan.

There is also a recipe book and a workout planner to help you along the road to becoming a better you, all of this is included in the price of the Do The Unthinkable programme meaning that it is incredible value.

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How Does This Food & Fitness System Work?

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The food system that Do The Unthinkable provides is a different set of meal plans. Each plan offers a different choice depending on your own wants and needs.

Your meals are then sent to you at the start of each week and you will have to spend a short time preparing them as and when it is time to eat them.

You can change your meal plan as you go along on the course to ensure that you don’t become bored of your meals and are more likely to stick to the programme.

The exercise regime that the Do The Unthinkable course sets out is creating by the resident personal trainer at Muscle Food.

Each workout has an accompanying video that can either be watched online or on the DVDs that are provided with the course.

This allows you to know exactly what you need to do for the workouts so that you get the most out of them.           

The Different Programme Plans You Can Choose

Meal plans

There are three different plans that you can choose for the Do The Unthinkable programme.

The first plan that is on offer is the Weekend Off plan. This plan provides you with 3 meals a day and 3 snacks a day for 5 days a week. That is a total of 30 meal times and works out at the cheap cost of £2 a meal.

The second plan is the Cheat Day plan. This plan provides you with 3 meals a day and 3 snacks a day for 6 days a week. That is a total of 36 meal times and works out at a great value £1.91 a meal.

The third and final plan is for the seriously dedicated. The Pure Dedication plan provides you with 3 meals a day and 3 snacks a day for the full 7 days in a week.

That’s a total of 42 meal times and gives you the best value at a cost of £1.88 a meal.

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Your Own Personal Trainer Support

Your personal trainer

During the Do The Unthinkable course you have access to a weekly question and answer session with the Muscle Food personal trainer.

During this session you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you like relating to the course.

This gives you the chance to gain any extra motivation that you might need to keep pushing yourself forward as well as asking any questions about things you might be finding difficult to achieve on the programme.

This is included in the programme plan, and would cost a significant amount more if you undertook it at a gym.

The value of the course lies in the food, but the added value from the personal trainer support means that it’s unparalleled for the support that it offers at such a low price.           

What Type of Foods Are in the Programme

Foods in the system

Most people who find themselves on diet feels that they cannot eat tasty foods or feel like they are limiting themselves.

This is not the case on the Do The Unthinkable programme. There are a wide variety of tasty meals that are most importantly healthy.

The breakfasts offer a wide variety of different porridge and oat combinations. Whether you like it plain, with syrup or with fruit there is something for everyone here.

The lunches and dinners cover everything from stir fries to curries to pizzas. No matter what your palate fancies there is an option for you.

The different snacks on offer are possibly the most impressive.

Crisps, brownies and snack bars are all available. No matter what it is you like your snack cravings will be satisfied.           

Who Will Find This Programme Beneficial?       


Anyone who struggles to keep themselves motivated to get healthy will find great benefit from the Do The Unthinkable programme.

It offers excellent motivation via the workout plan and personal trainer support and the curated meal choices means that there are no reasons to fall off the wagon at all.

If you find it hard to cook the easy to prepare meals will help you to keep pushing towards a healthier lifestyle too.

Anyone who has difficulty in keeping to a healthy meal plan will find great use from both the choices on offer and the recipe book that is provided with the course.

The Do The Unthinkable programme will provide benefits to anyone who wants to turn their life around and become a healthier, happier person.

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Company Behind Do The Unthinkable

Company Behind Unthinkable

Muscle Food is the premier provider of fresh food and fitness supplements  for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders in the UK.

Always providing high quality food that is low in fat and high in protein you know you will be getting good quality food from Muscle Food.

Their thinking behind the Do The Unthinkable programme was that they were being inundated with questions relating to fitness and creating a healthier lifestyle using the products that Muscle Food provide, this lead to them creating a full programme including the exercise regime to help people achieve their goals.           

The Awesome Bonus You’ll Get After Completing the Programme

If it wasn’t enough already that is provided with the Do The Unthinkable programme there is an amazing bonus provided when you manage to complete the 12 week course.

Once those 12 weeks are completed you will receive a £50 voucher to us at Muscle Food.

This will help you to stick to the food plan and new diet that you have stuck to during the previous 12 weeks.

This added motivation to complete the full course and then maintain the lifestyle afterwards in an excellent motivational tool, but it’s not all that’s on offer.


You will also receive a free graduate meal pack and recipe book upon completion that will help you to carry on your journey.

In addition to this you will receive extra workouts for you to integrate into your plan and a graduate t-shirt so you can let people know with pride that you have completed the Do The Unthinkable programme.

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