Di.et Reviews – 15 Days Diet Plan: Exclusive Weight Loss Program for Women & Men of All Ages, Lose Belly Fat, Get More Confidence Outdoor in 15 Days

Buy lose body fat 15 day diet planIs the Di.et 15 Days Diet Plan effective? Learn the facts, pros and cons in our definitive guide about this life changing diet program for women and women.

Have you tried to lose 15 lbs in two weeks?

I know, it’s not easy.

I’ve seen a lot of diets claim they can do this, but they’re hard to follow and will make you want to give up right away.

Well one program claims their formula is really effective, and I am talking about the 15 Days Di.et Plan.

The name makes it pretty clear what it’s about,  how to lose 15 pounds in 15 days.

Sounds simple enough but does it really work?

I have reviewed – and tried – several diets so I was curious about this one since it’s generating a lot of buzz.

Is the hype surrounding this weight loss plan true?

Here’s what I found out.

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What is the Di.et 15 Days Diet Plan?

The 15 Days Diet Plan is an exercise and diet plan.

It is a complete guide on how to get rid of 15 pounds in 15 days.

It’s a comprehensive plan which covers your entire diet and the exercises you have to do. It’s a detailed guide, but it can be broken down as follows.

  • Introduction: this aspect teaches you how to take the right approach to losing weight.
  • Dietary Guide: details what foods you need to eat, how much and when.
  • Exercise: what types of exercise to perform, and how to get optimum results in the shortest time possible.
  • Supplementary Guide: lists what supplements are best for weight loss.
  • Maintenance: how to stay in shape after the 15 day diet is over.

Each of these guides covers all the essential steps, leaving no room for guesswork.

Let us take a deeper look at what the 15 Day Diet Pan is all about.

The Introduction Guide

As the name makes clear, this is an introduction to the Di.et 15 Day Diet Plan.

Here you will learn how to develop the right mindset for this program.

The guide also explains what wellness vision is all about, why it is important and how you create your own.

Wellness vision is a critical part of the program and provides long term health benefits.

The Introduction Guide also includes:

  • Motivation and tips to keep you going during the 15 day program.
  • You will also learn the various possible hindrances that could slow you down. You’ll learn how to avoid them.
  • The guide reveals the strategies which you can use to deal with those obstacles and work against them.
  • The Introduction Guide also explains why it’s not a good idea to aim for half a pound weight loss each week.

The Introduction Guide is not just a mere introduction, since it does more than that.

The information covers the essentials so you will be physically and mentally ready to do the 15 Day Diet Plan.

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The Di.et Guide

This is the heart of the program, and it provides a list of the foods you need to eat.  All the foods included boost your metabolism.

There’s a simplified explanation of how fat metabolism works and its physiology. The Di.et Guide also contains information about the various methods used in the diet industry.

The Di.et Guide also has the following information:

  • How to speed up the fat burning process using very little known techniques. Most of these methods will seem counter intuitive to the weight loss tips you read online, but they’re very effective.
  • The v Guide has meal by meal plans for the entire 15 day diet. Meal options for vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers are provided in detail.
  • You will learn 9 foods that burn fat rapidly and how to include them in your diet.
  • How to keep yourself from regaining those pounds you lost.
  • An explanation of why macronutrients are absolutely important for anyone who’s on a diet.
  • The Di.et Guide also explains the different types of calories and how they affect your diet.

The diet guide tells you what type of foods to prepare and eat for the next 15 days.

You will also learn when to eat and how much. There’s nothing left to chance as everything is spelled out clearly.

Workout Guide

The Workout Guide is the perfect companion to the Di.et Guide. Exercise and diet go hand in hand, and the Workout Guide offers a comprehensive guide to exercise.

The workouts are designed for 15 days to accompany your diet. All of them moreover, have been scientifically tested and proven to burn fat.

The exercise guide reveals how to double the results without doing twice the workouts.

This detailed guide goes through each workout step by step so you’ll get the best possible results.

All the routines have been developed so you’ll burn more fat. The guide also shows where in the body fat spectrum you are.

The Workout Guide reveals what your fat burning goal should be, what the best training mindset needs to be, how to get past your plateau and how to keep from stalling.

All the workouts in this guide are aimed at those who don’t have the time to hit the gym daily.

All the exercises can be done at home.

The Workout Guide also provides the following:

  • A complete 15 day workout plan explaining the various workout routines, number of reps and sets and the rest duration. All of these are aimed at optimizing weight loss.
  • Numerous tips and strategies so you can remain fit while on the road are provided.
  • The guide also goes into detail on whether spot reducing is possible.
  • How to double the results of each workout while cutting cardio training in half.
  • What the SAID principle means and how you can make it work for you.
  • What type of stretches are best for warm ups and how to integrate it in each exercise.

The Diet Guide and Workout Guide are designed to work together to boost your metabolism and burn fat.

Supplement Guide

Supplements are essential for weight loss, and this guide reveals which ones are most effective for melting fat.

It also includes the best supplements for burning fat and shedding of pounds.

Cleanse Tea, BCAAs, fish oil and whey protein are among those discussed as well as many others.

Order diet plans for menSupplements are precisely that, designed to augment the results of your workouts and diet.

Supplements alone won’t burn off those fats, but complement the Di.et 15 Day Diet Plan so you melt fat and pounds quicker.

The guide reveals what supplements work best with your diet.

You will also learn what nutrients to take to cover up your nutritional deficiencies. In addition you will discover what supplements are needed for losing weight as fast as possible.

Maintenance Guide

The biggest challenge anyone who’s on a diet faces is, how do you keep the weight off when you’re done dieting?

That is what the Maintenance Guide is for, to help you avoid common mistakes that cause people to regain weight.

The Maintenance Guide also explains:

  • How to indulge yourself without gaining the weight back.
  • Tips on how to remain focused so you don’t put all that weight on.
  • Different ways to keep track of your goals and develop new ones.
  • How to find a nice balance between eating and workout for a healthy lifestyle.
  • How you can use willpower to lose weight and keep those pounds off.

Combined, these guides provide you with means to lose weight, get in shape and stay in shape even after the 15 Day Diet Plan is over.

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What Makes the Di.et 15 Day Diet Plan Effective?

The program’s strength is its comprehensiveness. The information is clear and you’ll be able to use it as reference even when your diet is over.

The program explains in detail what the most effective and safest exercises are and how your body works.

When the 15 Day Diet Plan says it’s going to coach you about diet and exercise, they’re not kidding.

Here are some more reasons why the Di.et 15 Day Diet Plan stands out from the rest.

  • Unique, well researched content: the information is accurate, science based and fundamentally sound. You shouldn’t have to pay for diet and exercise info you can find free online, and that’s the case here as the diet and workouts they present are different.
  • Easy to follow: the guide doesn’t use any difficult technical terms, and it’s written in a way that’s easy to understand. The guide also makes good use of graphics to emphasize key points. Also, the food choices and exercise workouts make lot of sense.
  • Easy access: no need to carry a bulky book. Just go to the official website, provide the requested info, enter your email address and choose the payment method. After payment is processed you’ll be given a link to access the guides. The link will be sent to the email address you provided. Click the link and you’re good to go.

The advantage of this approach cannot be expressed enough. Since the files are online you can access it from your laptop or mobile device.

Anywhere there is an Internet connection the plans are just a click away.

Well, what if there is no Internet connection? No problem as you can download the files so you’ll be able to access them anytime.

What are the Benefits of the 15 Day Diet Plan?

There are a lot of benefits you’ll get out of this program.

  • Get rid of 15 pounds of fat in 15 days
  • Eliminate common body aches and pains
  • Doesn’t cause crashes the way other diets do
  • Makes you look younger
  • You’ll drop up to 2 dress sizes
  • Burns stubborn belly fat
  • Improves muscle definition by melting away fat
  • Lose enough pounds so you will fit in your old clothes
  • Eliminate cellulite

Does the 15 Day Diet Plan Really Work?

Fast weight lossYes it does.

The program is scientifically based and with sound principles so if followed, will produce the desired results.

Sticking to a diet isn’t the easiest thing to do especially if you’re used to eating whatever you want.

However, it pays off to stick to the plan since it’s really effective.

The Di.et 15 Day Diet Plan is heavily focused, and since it’s a short term program you’ll be able to feel results even during the first day.

When you follow the steps outlined in the program you’ll lose a pound a day, and the plan shows you the shortest and most effective way to shed those pounds.

What Do Customers Say?

The feedback has been very positive, with before and after results proving that it really works.

  • Mary of Cleveland says her friends were skeptical when she decided to try the 15 Day Diet Plan. But the plan worked and she lost 15 lbs. She says she’s very happy with the results as it’s given here confidence.
  • David of Quebec says he’s always had problems with his weight. Out of desperation he tried this diet and was impressed, having lost 10 lbs in 7 days.
  • Linda of Los Angeles says it was difficult to follow the diet for 15 days but she persevered. At the end of the diet she had gone down two dress sizes, and the guide provided a lot of motivation.
  • Jessy from the UK says she finds the diet plan very informative as it put her in the proper mindset to go on a diet.
  • Andrea from the US is very happy with the wide meal selection for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters. She says she’ll recommend it to friends, pointing out the nutritional information is particularly good.
  • Barbara wrote in her review the 15 Day Diet Plan got her into sports, which helped her lose even more weight.
  • James from the United States says the plan really helped him choose what supplements to take.
  • Jennifer from the UK said she lost 15 lbs at the end of the diet, and now the maintenance guide helps her maintain her shape.

These are just some of the testimonials from those who have tried the Di.et 15 Day Diet Plan.

They come from all walks of life, but what they all share in common is their satisfaction with the product.

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Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no side effects as long as you follow the steps indicated in the program.

Keep in mind though, the steps here are for losing 15 lbs. If you don’t need to lose that many don’t force yourself as it could have unpleasant effects.


  • Plan is comprehensive and easy to follow
  • Maintenance plan to keep your new figure included
  • List of recommended supplements and foods provided
  • Vegetarian options are available
  • Eating plan is easy to understand
  • Comes with exercise plans.


  • You need to follow the diet and exercises exactly
  • Not suited for those with morbid obesity.

Where to Buy

The 15 Day Diet Plan is only available on the official website.

These guidelines are not available anywhere else, so don’t believe claims the plan sold in other sites.

A 75 day money back guarantee is provided in case you’re not satisfied with the results.

The diet is for 15 days only so you can try it up to 5 times and still get a refund if you’re not happy.

There aren’t a lot of weight loss solutions that allow you to do this. Go directly to approved site to order today.


The 15 Day Diet Plan does exactly what it says, help you lose 15 lbs in 15 days. Granted this is not the only weight loss program, but it’s one of the most enjoyable and easiest to follow.

Plus there is a lot of useful information provided that should come in handy. If you’ve tried other diet programs and they didn’t work, I recommend the 15 Day Diet Plan.

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Q: Is the 15 Day Diet Plan Suitable for Vegans?

Yes, vegans and vegetarians can avail of the 15 Day Diet Pan as there are different types of meal plans. If you’re vegetarian or plan to become one, the information in the plan can help.

Q: Are the results the same for vegan/vegetarian/meat eaters?

Whether you’re or not you are a vegan/vegetarian, you’ll reach the weight loss target by following the instructions.

Q: Can I do the 15 Day Diet Plan again?

If you lost 15 lbs in 15 days there is no need to do a repeat as there’s a maintenance program to keep yourself fit.

If you were unable to follow the 15 day program, you can try it again 7 days after your first try.

Q: Is the 15 Day Diet Plan safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe because it concentrates on hydration, exercise, eating the correct foods and maintaining calorie balance.

These are all essential for weight loss and universally recognized to be safe. The diet does not include any dangerous methods.

Q: Is the plan available in other languages?

The guides are available in Italian, German, French, Spanish and English.

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