Deca Dosage for Beginners, Intermediates, Pros, and Best Stacking Dosage

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One of the first things that any gym goer will ask about using a certain performance enhancer is the dosage of the said supplement.

Whether he is to use Deca durabolin or testosterone, he will definitely ask for the dosage of the steroid during the cycle he is planning to try.

In biochemistry, dosage or dose is the quantity of a biological or chemical substance that may impact an organism biochemically.

If we are to put it in the context of substance use, then it can be said that dose is the quantity of steroid administered to enhance one’s performance in the gym.

Deca durabolin is one of the more widely used androgenic anabolic steroids.

It has a solid reputation for being able to increase muscular strength and endurance, as well as for being able to relieve nagging joint and ligament pain.

But dosing Deca durabolin has become a problem for many men, even for advanced steroid users.

Deca durabolin is known to be very suppressive to the body’s natural testosterone production so that tendency is for men to take too much testosterone.

Others try to limit their Deca durabolin intake for fear that they may suffer from its testosterone-related side effects particularly the dreaded Deca dick.

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Deca Dosage for Beginner

Most beginner Deca users pair it with testosterone because as previously mentioned, Deca durabolin will suppress the body’s natural testosterone production.

So how does a Test-Deca dosage cycle work?

If you haven’t taken Deca durabolin before, then you can start with a low dosage of 100 milligrams for the entire week.

Then increase the dosage to 200 milligrams in the second week, and then 300 milligrams by the start of the third week.

Continue taking 300 mg of Deca durabolin for a few weeks.

If there are no noticeable results, you can increase it to 400 milligrams.

However, 400 milligrams should be the threshold of your Deca dosage first cycle. In terms of cycle length, a beginner’s cycle is around 12 to 16 weeks.

You may wonder why the Deca dosage cycle is that long—it’s because Deca durabolin takes a lot of time to be able to affect the body.

Normally, its effects would only be apparent by the fifth week.

Deca Dosage for Intermediate

Intermediate users need not to deviate from the recommended dosage for beginners.

For off-season Deca durabolin, the dose would be in the 300 to 400 milligram per week range.

If the 400 mg a week is tolerated well, the user may even increase it to 600 milligrams a week.

However, most men will find that there is no need to increase the dosage to 600 milligrams as 400 milligrams would be enough for them to benefit from the steroid.

And Dosage for Pro

Advanced steroid users don’t have to diverge from the dose range of intermediate users, which is around 400 to 600 milligrams per week.

If the individual thinks he needs higher doses for maximum gains, a range of 600 to 800 milligrams a week should suffice.

This is very much true if Deca is used as the primary compound in the cycle, and testosterone is merely used as a testosterone replacement therapy.

But what about women? What is the ideal Deca dosage for women bodybuilders?

Due to the high potential of virilization, Deca isn’t the most female-friendly steroids. A lot of women bodybuilders

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Best Stacking and Dosage Idea

Deca can be stacked with major steroids, like Anadrol. For many bodybuilders, a Deca-Anadrol cycle is highly useful in the off-season.

Anadrol also makes up for the slow-moving action of Deca by providing dramatic gains at the start of the cycle.

In fact, it is common for some intermediate and advanced users to use an Anadrol-Deca stack in the middle of their cycles to break their plateau.

An intermediate Anadrol-Deca stack would run for 12weeks, with testoeterone enanthate taken for testosterone replacement.

In the said cycle, testosterone is taken at 100 milligrams a week while Deca dosage is 400 milligrams a week. Anadrol is taken in the first four weeks of the cycle at dosage of 50 milligrams a day.

Another steroid commonly stacked with Deca is Dianabol.

Like Anadrol, Dianabol is used to complement the slow-acting effects of Deca.

Dianabol works right off the bat, with its effects becoming apparent in the first two weeks of the cycle.

By the time Dbol is discontinued at the end of the sixth week, Deca will be able to come in and make the individual stronger and his endurance a lot better.

A sample Dianabol-Deca stack would run for 12 weeks. Dianabol is taken for the first six weeks with dosage of 30 milligrams every day.

Deca durabolin’s dosage is at 400 milligrams every week while 500 milligrams of testosterone enanthate is taken every week.

An aromatase inhibitor like Arimidex is also taken for this Deca dosage test cycle. Dosage is at 0.5 milligrams, and taken every other day.

This Deca dosage for mass remains the same for the first six weeks. Dianabol use will stop before the start of the seventh week.

Deca will also be stopped by the 10th week, and Arimidex on the 11th week. The cycle ends with the user taking only 500 milligrams of testosterone.

An even simpler and shorter Deca and Dianabol stack can be followed by beginners.

This Deca dosage for beginners cycle will last only for eight weeks. Deca is taken at a low dosage of 100 milligrams a week throughout the entire cycle.

Dianabol is stacked with Deca to kick start the cycle, with dosage of 20 milligrams every day.

To be able to help the individual hold on to the gains of the cycle, human corionic gonadotropin (HCG) will be taken in the 7th and 8th weeks with a dosage of 1200 miligrams per week. This is after Dianabol use is stopped by the end of the sixth week.

It should be noted that Deca Durabolin has a very long life.

Whether you are following Deca dosage for joint relief, Deca dosage for joint pain or Deca dosage bodybuilding, the fact is that the hormone nandrolone which is the main component of Deca will linger in the system for up to 18 months.

This is important to remember as being caught using this banned substance can put you in hot water.

In fact, former NFL player Shawne Merriman was punished for using Deca many years ago.

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Comparing Deca Dosage with Legal Alternative

It should be noted that like most steroids, Deca is banned in many countries.

That’s why athletes like Merriman are meted hefty punishment for use of this substance.

In fact, many athletes say they use Deca because of its therapeutic qualities. Whether this is true or not, the truth remains that Deca is a prohibited substance. Buying and using it can get you in a legal mess.

Yet with the many benefits of taking Deca durabolin, it is not surprising that demand for this substance is high.

Athletes will naturally be looking to use it to enhance their athletic performance, and even to hasten their recovery from nagging injuries.

And the regular gym goer who wants to break plateau in his workouts will be intrigued, ask for Deca dosage with test to be able to improve his performance in the gym.

The high demand for Deca durabolin has prompted many laboratories to come up with fake Deca durabolin.

These products are sold by unscrupulous parties online. It is easy to be duped by Asian hawkers in particular.

However, quality of these substances is highly questionable.

Instead of buying from these sources, it is more advisable to buy a legal version of Deca Durabolin like Deca Duro.

Legal Deca durabolin is similar in action to the anabolic steroid. You can take legal Deca if you want to have a boost in performance.

It can help improve your muscular endurance. You won’t easily get tired when you are on a Deca cycle. That means you can make more repetitions of your workouts and maximize your gains in the process.

Legal Deca durabolin can also help you boost your muscle mass. While the effects aren’t noticeable right away, legal Deca can make you bulk up.

Moreover, there are no side effects of legal Deca durabolin. You don’t need to worry about side effects such as man boobs and the dreaded Deca dick.

There’s also low chance of androgenic side effects such as oily skin, male pattern baldness, and excessive hair growth.

And unlike Deca durabolin which has to be administered intramuscularly, legal Deca comes in tablet form.

This is a very important feature if you are one who dreads needles. You don’t have to go through injections. Instead, you just pop a pill and drink water.

Legal Deca durabolin can be purchased online. Shipping is discreet. Moreover, you can get your money back in case you are not satisfied with the product.

Indeed, legal Deca durabolin is the most practical way to go if you want to improve your performance in the gym without getting into any legal troubles, or risk getting bogus products.

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