The Corpora Cavernosa: Its Main Benefits and Functions

Corpora Cavernosa in Male OrganThe penis is made up of three chambers/ cylinders. These chambers include two corpora cavernosa and the corpora spongiosum.

All three chambers are made of spongy erectile cells and are surrounded and supported by muscles. The function of the corpora cavernosa, as you may have guessed, is to erect the penis.

We will get to the functions a bit later!

The two corpora cavernosa have blood vessels running through them. It is the movement of blood into these chambers that causes an erection, which means the bigger the corpora cavernosa the bigger your erection will be.

What is its purpose and functions?

As highlighted earlier, the purpose is to facilitate erection. Without these chambers, you could not get erect.

The mechanism of action is a bit scientific but here it is in a nutshell! When your brain is stimulated by any means, it sends nerve signals to the nerves in the penis.

The nerves, in turn, signal penile muscles to relax. This increases blood flow into the open corpora cavernosa and corpora spongium chambers.

The rush of blood into the open spaces in the three chambers (your penis) gives you a fully erect member! Once fully erect, muscles inside the corpora cavernosa trap the blood through contraction preventing it from leaving quickly.

This allows you to sustain your erection until you are done with your business. However, for others, this muscle is weak. This is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction (ED).

If you are in this group, don’t fret…

There are several ways ED can be addressed for you to function optimally. A perfect treatment is Sizegenetics extender as explicitly reviewed here.

For those who can have normal erections, you should be thankful for your strong “trapping” muscles.

Nevertheless, once your brain ceases to be stimulated, it sends a signal to the “trapping” muscles allowing them to relax and reduce the pressure in the corpora cavernosa by draining blood via multiple veins in the penis.

While the “trapping” muscles relax, the muscles that were letting blood into the chambers contract preventing any more blood from going into the three chambers resulting in a flaccid penis.

Interesting facts about the function of the corpora cavernosa

The three cylinders of the penis, including the corpora cavernosa, only need 2 ounces of blood to fully erect your penis. Imagine, that!

Moreover, along with the chambers, the brain has the overall control over your erection. That’s why some say the brain is the biggest sex organ!

Weird yes, but it is a fact.

You can’t get erect if you don’t get yourself mentally into it.

Can you increase the size of your corpora cavernosa?

Definitely yes! There are several ways to increase the size of the corpora cavernosa (and your penis in general). The main way is through increasing the size of the corpora via stretching naturally or with the use of medical devices.

A couple of studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of medical equipment that stretch penile chambers and muscles allowing users to have longer, girthy and more rigid boners for maximum satisfaction!

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