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A Handy Guide to Chocolate Protein Powder: Unique health benefits, Special taste and Where to Purchase the absolute top qualities

If there’s one single flavor that’s always offered for protein powder, it’s chocolate.

There’s always at least 1 variation of chocolate flavor in most protein powder lineup.

It’s pretty much guaranteed.

BSN SYNTHA-6 Whey ProteinThere’s plain chocolate, while others offer “gourmet” chocolate or “rich” chocolate.

Some differentiate their version as dark chocolate, while others still offer milk chocolate.

Then there are the combo variations, such as chocolate mocha, chocolate fudge, chocolate cake batter, or just about anything else you can mix with chocolate.

There are also variations of chocolatey flavor, like mocha, cappuccino, cookies & cream, and peanut butter.

They may not have the word “chocolate” explicitly stated, but it’s heavily implied.

The Benefits of Chocolate Protein Powder

At this point, you may already probably know the benefits, but permit me to share some with you, below:

  • Promotes Protein Completeness for Muscle Growth,

The top brands are formulated to provide additional amount of protein, which many people use as raw material for muscle growth.

The way muscle development works is that first you have to work out, and this means stressing the muscles with weights.

This workout causes the muscles to have microscopic tears.

The muscles will then react by repairing themselves, and to do that they need protein as the material the use to grow bigger muscles.

Often you need to drink the protein powder shake right after you work out, so your muscles can immediately get the full dose of protein for rebuilding.

At other times, you have slow-absorbing protein that your body can use while you sleep.

  • Good For Vegans and Vegetarians,

Vegans and vegetarians also use the protein powder to avoid protein deficiency that becomes more likely with these diets. 1

It’s no secret that animal sources are the most convenient for protein. That’s especially true for salmon and beef.

But if you’re vegetarian or vegan, those options are certainly no longer on the menu.

In fact, some are much stricter and they forbid animal products including milk and eggs. Some may even object to honey as a sweetener.

It can be very difficult to obtain purely plant-based protein from actual foods. But there are protein powder brands that offer vegetarian or even vegan options for their protein powder.

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  • Promotes Weight Loss,

In some cases, the chocolate protein powder low carb can be used for weight loss.

The reduced calorie content really helps.

When you work out strenuously, your body will have to burn the body fat for energy.

Yet the question remains: why pick the chocolate flavor in particular?

If you pick chocolate version that has at least 70% cacao, you enjoy the following benefits: 2

  • Reduces stress levels. Since stress can cause a very long list of health issues, relieving stress has to be one of chocolate’s greatest benefits.
  • Help you lose weight. This is an indirect result of chocolate’s ability to relieve stress, because stress is also a main reason why some people crave food. Also, chocolate protein drinks can make you feel full and curb your appetite.
  • You’re happier. Chocolate is a well-known mood-enhancer. You just end up feeling better after tasting chocolate and it’s why people crave the taste when they’re feeling down and depressed.
  • It improves your memory. So if you’re going to take a school exam, chocolate can certainly help.
  • It can even reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.
  • Mixes very well with milk. Milk is a great mixer for protein powder, as it also has protein and calcium too.
  • It tastes great. It’s no secret that plenty of protein powders simply taste awful. They can be so bad that you subconsciously avoid taking it. With a chocolate flavor, you actually enjoy it.

BSN SYNTHA-6 Whey Protein

Different Formulations of Protein Powder

Protein powder doesn't just differ according to their flavors. They also can have different formulas to serve particular needs.

  • Animal-sourced.

This is the most common type of protein powder, as it comes from the milk of farm cows. It’s quite common and therefore very affordable.

The formula only contains natural ingredients with no artificial or synthetic components. No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors.

For top products, formula is ultra-natural, so there are no genetically modified ingredients.

The protein comes from milk from grass-fed cows, instead of cows that have been fed synthetic feed.

  • Plant-based.

Sometimes a consumer can be allergic or extremely sensitive to lactose, so protein from milk may not be the best choice.

The protein in chocolate protein powder plant-based can come from pea, brown rice, chia, and other plant sources.

This is a special type of protein powder as it’s thicker and creamier.

It can taste like real milkshake with ice cream.

For some people, this is a much enjoyable form of protein drink as it reminds people of milkshakes they’ve had in diners and fast food joints.

But this time, the milkshake is obviously healthier.

  • Vegetarian.

This is normally not just laden with plant-based protein. None of the ingredients are from animals.

This is quite a popular option, as many have found that being on a vegetarian diet can make it almost impossible to grow muscles quickly.

The lack of meat in the menu makes it very hard to have extra protein for muscle development.

In fact, it can even be a problem for a vegetarian to consistently get enough protein each day. A vegetarian protein powder can help make sure that protein deficiency won’t be a problem, and muscle growth can be possible.

  • Vegan.

This tends to be a stricter type of protein powder to fit a stricter kind of diet.

It can’t even have any dairy products like milk and eggs. If a vegetarian finds it hard to get enough protein, a vegan has even more problems with this.

At least now with this type of protein powder, vegans can make sure that they have enough protein each day.

The average sedentary man needs 56g of protein each day and 46g for women. 3

If you’re more active, you need more protein.

  • For women. A chocolate protein powder for women usually means less protein, as women don’t need as much.
  • Weight loss. A chocolate protein powder for weight loss can have fewer calories.
  • Mass gainer. This can provide a huge amount of calories with massive doses of protein and carbs.

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Make Chocolate Smoothies at Home or Order Well Known Brands?

When you’re interested in chocolate protein smoothies, there are basically 2 options for you:

You can simply buy famous brands of chocolate protein supplements, or you can go ahead and make smoothies yourself.

Let’s first start with just buying the stuff.

Usually this means you’re buying the premade smoothies that you can just pop open and drink. It’s like drinking a can of soda. It’s no big deal.

  • The fact that it’s no big deal is its biggest advantage. It’s downright easy and there’s nothing to it. You just open fridge, get your premade smoothie, and enjoy.
  • You also don’t need a blender either. After all, the taste has been finalized and the texture of the smoothie has already been premixed. Blenders can be expensive, and some break down quickly.

This means that you don’t get an icky taste that’s certainly possible when you make your own smoothie. Sometimes certain fruits just don’t mix well, at least for your taste buds.

Also, you avoid having the dreaded clumps of unmixed protein powder in your drink.

  • If you’re on a schedule, the premade smoothie is also a lot quicker. Again, just grab a drink and get to the car on the way to the office. That’s in stark contrast to the time you need to reserve to create a good smoothie.
  • You also don’t have to worry about washing your smoothie glass. With a premade smoothie, you just have to get rid of your empty container into the nearest trash can.
  • You may not be able to (or have time to) customize your smoothie, but at least you do have lots of options regarding premade smoothies to choose from. So even if you are lactose intolerant, you can find protein powder that’s lactose-free.
  • In a way, it’s also cheaper because you don’t have to buy fruits to make your own smoothie. This also saves you a lot of kitchen space that the fruits would have occupied.
  • If you don’t add any fruits to the premade stuff, you can now precisely how many calories and protein you get from the protein drink.

As for the cons, they’re just a few:

  • It can take up a lot more space in your kitchen. A 30-serving container, meanwhile, is quite small. It doesn’t take up any space at all.
  • Some of these premade brands can be expensive, although in most cases it’s just for a few dollars compared to protein powder.
  • Premade smoothies have been optimized for taste, and if you add more fruits the taste may not be as good.
  • Some may say that’s it’s not as fun or as satisfying as preparing your own smoothie

Preparing your own smoothie, on the other hand, can take a few laborious steps.

First, you will need to have a liquid base.

This can be milk, or a dairy-free option such as almond milk, yogurt, soya milk, or even fruit juice. In some cases, you can use water.

Then you have to add fruit to your blender. Some people even like adding veggies. Many love sweeteners such as maple syrup or honey.

You can also add natural flavoring such as cinnamon, vanilla essence, or of course cocoa powder.

This approach does have its advantages:

  • You’re free to experiment. So at the start, you can pick the kind of dairy milk you like, or you can use any of the dairy-free alternatives. It’s all up to you. It can even be kind of fun to try out new liquid bases.
  • You can pick the kinds of fruits you’ll want to mix. You may discover fruit combinations that you love but famous protein brands don’t offer.
  • You can also determine the thickness and texture of the drink.
  • You can also use your favorite flavoring or sweetener.

But you do have to admit that this approach comes with several disadvantages.

  • You have to buy a blender first. That means doing research, and praying you get an effective and durable blender. Some blenders aren’t all that powerful for fruits and ice, and they may break down too quickly.
  • Making your own smoothie means taking the effort to do so. If you’re feeling lazy, then it’s much more likely that you’d miss taking your protein smoothie. Cutting the fruits can be tedious.
  • This can also take a lot of time, at least compared to just getting a drink and jumping into your car to get to work.
  • Plus, don’t forget you have to wash the blender each time.
  • You may not get a taste right, and that’s wasted ingredients down the drain. You then have to start over, which means more time and effort.
  • You have to spend money on fruits, and you have to store these fruits properly.

Some people don’t mind taking the time and effort, just like some people like to cook their own food.

Others, however, like the convenience and great taste of a classic pizza delivered right to your doorstep. You make choices according to your preferences. 

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5 Life Changing Chocolate Protein Powder Products with Great Taste

If you’re confused about which to pick among the numerous options for chocolate protein powder, we’ve made a list for you to help you get started:

1.  BSN SYNTHA-6 – Chocolate Milkshake

BSN SYNTHA-6 Whey Protein
The BSN SYNTHA-6 – Chocolate Milkshake is designed for lean muscle development and muscle recovery.

It is great for many reasons:

  • You get 22g of protein, along with 10g of essential amino acids.
  • It also contains 5g of fiber.
  • It’s extremely popular, and most customer review rave about it.
  • It tastes great even with just a small amount of sugar. That’s not often the case, as either it can be tasty and sugar-laden or sugar-free and bland.
  • This can taste great even with just water.
  • Also, there are 14 flavors to choose from, and several of them also contain chocolate.
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2.  100% Whey – Double Rich Chocolate

Gold Standard 100%
If plain chocolate doesn’t seem chocolatey enough then the double rich chocolate flavor should satisfy your choco cravings.

  • You get 24g of protein, plus 55g of BCAAs and 4g of glutamine.
  • It only has 12o calories.
  • Total fat and sugars content are just 1g each.
  • You can take this in between meals, for a healthier snack that can keep you from craving unhealthy junk food.
  • This actually has 20 flavor options, but your other chocolate options include chocolate coconut, chocolate mint, extreme milk chocolate, mocha cappuccino, and even cookies and cream.

You can take this right after you wake up. This can also be your pre- or post-workout drink for your muscles. It’s designed to build your muscles and your strength.

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3.   Creamy Chocolate Fudge

Orgain Organic Plant Based
Designed by the hugely popular organic supplement company: Orgain Organic!

Now if you fervently believe that your body is a temple and only organic ingredients will do, this is your protein option.

  • The creamy chocolate fudge flavor is absolutely delightful.
  • This is USDA organic, and it can be suitable for kosher and vegan diets.
  • It is also free of genetically modified ingredients, gluten, soy, and artificial colors and flavors.
  • You get 21g of protein with 5g of organic fiber.
  • This only contains 150 calories, and it can help with weight loss.

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4.  Quest Nutrition Protein – Chocolate Milkshake

Quest Protein Chocolate Milkshake

The Quest brand is quite well-known in the protein supplement industry and products like this Quest Nutrition Protein Powder explains why it’s so popular.

  • It has both casein and whey proteins, with a total of 23g of protein.
  • It has less than 1g of sugars, and it even has zero fat.
  • You get potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, along with 2g of fiber.
  • The taste is great, as the brand actually prioritizes the taste and the quality of the flavor.
  • You can also use this for weight loss programs, as it only has 110 calories.

Just make sure you have a blender, as it can get clumpy without one.

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5.  Muscle Milk Genuine – Chocolate

Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder

With the term “muscle” in the name, it’s pretty clear that this is for muscle and strength development.

However, it does deliver on its promises.

  • The protein amount is massive at 32g of protein per serving.
  • It has calcium along with vitamins A, C, and D.
  • As it’s more of a mass gainer, it contains 280 calories.

You can take this before or after a workout, and you can use it as a snack anytime.

It will help build lean muscle, provide sustained energy, and help with recovery.

If you’re dieting, you’ll also appreciate how it can satisfy your hunger readily enough.

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Where to Buy Chocolate Flavor or Rich Version?

If you’re buying chocolate protein powder Walmart, GNC, and Costco online retail platforms can work.

But Amazon is still the best and most reliable for chocolate protein powder, as the prices are low and the reviews are plentiful.

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