Choosing the Right Fitness Companies: An Honest Review of Four Trusted Fitness, Health and Sports Supplement Brands on the Online Marketplace

Top Fitnes Company Stores Online

As I am sure you have noticed, the nutrition and fitness content on the web has exploded massively in the last decade.

The web is continually being inundated with a lot of information.

There are even several companies that have given up a physical presence in exchange for an online presence.

Not only does being online reduce the overhead cost of running their businesses, it also gives them a unique advantage of being able to serve thousands of people at the same time with the same platform.

A lot of the content you see on the web is as a result of several marketers trying to sell products of brands they are affiliated with.

As a result of this, there is a lot of misinformation in the web marketplace for fitness, health and sports nutrition supplements.

In addition to this, inferior products are in abundance.

Some people make millions of dollars every year selling products that are of inferior quality and of no use to their buyers.

As you may know already, the FDA does not regulate the production of supplements as strongly as it does that of pharmaceuticals.

As a result of this loophole, several supplement companies can get away with making products that are of a lower quality and market them as being of a high quality.

We aim to use this series of articles to investigate and talk about some of our personally used and trusted brands in the online market place.

Also by comparing them with the brands that are more popular and see whether or not these brands are truly worthy of your trust and your hard-earned money.

Before we go any further, let us discuss some of the criteria you should always consider when buying a supplement.

Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Supplement Company & Brand

I trust you will glean few nuggets from the factors to consider before choosing the top and genuine sports, fitness and body building supplement companies in the future…

  • Reputation of Brand

The reputation of most brands can tell you a lot about what their products are like.

If a brand has a bad rap for any of its products or has an unresolved run-in with any law enforcement agencies, you should not trust whatever they say.

Well, except your aim is to waste your money.

CrazyBulk Store Cutting Stack Cycle 8 Weeks
John Miller 10 Weeks Lean Muscled Size: The picture on the left show john as being pot bellied and generally looking ‘ordinary' while the right is a sharp contract of the same guy. How did John achieved this stunning physical transformation in just 8 week plus? He ordered the popular and well proven Cutting Stack from CrazyBulk store and used for about 10 weeks. Now he is showing off his bigger chest, well defined forearms and muscled lines in the mid section. John';s further course produced even a more physique definition many only dream of. CLICK to Read John's Inspirational Story

The probability that a brand that has a history of poor ethics is not producing supplements of the best quality is very high.

Stay away from brands like this.

  • Price (Value for Your Money)

I am a strong believer in getting the best value for your money.

Why spend more money for less value?

It makes no sense to do so.

One rule you should always remember when comparing the prices of supplements is to calculate the price per pill or price per serving.

This way, you can always be sure of which products give you value for your money.

Many products which seem to offer the best deals do not actually do so as you would need a refill much sooner than other products of the same quality.

These companies make more money by offering smaller quantities of their products at a much higher price per serving than they would for products packed in larger quantities.

  • Shipping

Another good rule is to always make sure that whatever companies you buy from at a seemingly cheaper price are not actually making more money off you from inflated shipping costs.

Some companies offer a free shipping policy while others can offer you discounts on shipping depending on how far away you live and the value of the products you buy from them.

While some companies offer a pay on delivery option, others will ask you to pay to validate your order and shipping.

I usually prefer a pay-on-delivery option for first time purchase as it allows me see what I am buying firsthand before making payment.

If the product is unsatisfactory, I can just reject it.

On the other hand, paying online is not a bad idea when buying subsequent times.

The one thing you should keep in mind when you pay online is that you bear the risk if any circumstances change.

Getting your money back from some companies can be nearly impossible.

  • Deals and Sales

We all love deals and sales.

Anything that can be bought at a discount is bound to be an eye-catcher.

Marketing and sales experts are well aware of this fact.

This is why just about every company that sells supplements will do a promotional event at least once a year.

It is a good idea to keep an eye out for these promos.

Buying in bulk at times like these can save you a lot of money.

In fact, if you are like me and buy from a few brands you trust, you can do an entire year’s worth of shopping while a good promo is on.

Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas deals and let’s not forget the amazing “Black Friday” when just about every company tries to offload stock.

If you are shopping at a promotional event, focus on buying only the stuff that you really need.

  • Product Reviews

Product reviews are very important key factors that you should never overlook when buying supplements.

When assessing product reviews, it is important that you keep in mind that companies try to undermine each other by posting negative reviews about competitors on review sites.

It is best that you use sites that actually sell the products such as Amazon.

Reviews are more likely to not be as manipulated when there is a third party involved.

In addition to this, some forums exist that allow you read genuine unbiased reviews from people who have used this product.

  • Personal Testimonials

This is perhaps the most reliable means of getting correct information about whatever products you are interested in.

Just asking anyone you know uses the product about it can save you a lot of headache and stress.

Personal testimonials are usually more truthful and reliable and cannot be manipulated as easily as online testimonials.

Look below for top 2 fitness and sport supplements brands:

#1: CRAZYBulk Store. See why 1000s of men and women are raving about this modern company#2: Anabolic Research: Discover why this dynamic company is rated #2 by our numerous readers

  • Shelf Life

My personal preference when it comes to shelf life is that a shorter shelf life is preferable as opposed to a longer one.

This is because I particularly am not a fan of additives such as flavors, coloring and preservative.

I believe that a lot of the products which have a shelf life of over two years are not as healthy as those which have a shorter shelf life.

This is because supplements with a higher shelf life are likely to contain more preservatives and to have undergone more processing than those without.

  • Money- Back Guarantee and Return Policy

If you have followed all our advice thus far, there are a few other things you still need to consider.

One more rule is to never buy from a website without a safe and easy return policy.

Thousands of people have been scammed out of their money by crooks that refuse to accept goods returned even in the best of conditions.

As long as the return policy of the company is fulfilled, you should be able to return unwanted or defective goods to them in time for a refund.

Some companies deliberately make their refund policies very complicated in a bid to make sure that it is very difficult to return goods to them.

Other companies give a money back guarantee in a bid to assure their consumers that whatever products they buy from them will give the desired results.

Choosing companies with a money-back guarantee is better just in case a problem crops up.

  • Customer Service

Most customers are shocked at the quality of feedback they get from companies which they have purchased supplements from when they have a problem.

In essence, they come to realize that a lot of these companies are after only their money and are unconcerned about their wellbeing.

Many of their problems remain unresolved even by customer service officials who are supposed to be of help.

The quality of a company’s customer service says a lot about the brand itself.

Most consumer focused brands will have great customer service and give you value for your money while brands which focus on profit will do the exact opposite.

This is why consumer-focused brands always trump profit oriented brands in the long run.

One bad experience with a profit-oriented company y is enough to scare you away for life.

  • Health Conditions

Several health conditions can come with restrictions on diet and lifestyle.

It is important that you talk to your physician before choosing to take any supplements.

Getting expert opinions can save you not only stress but also a lot of money in the long run.

  • Production Quality

As a result of the differences in regulation between supplement companies and pharmaceutical companies, there are several supplement brands that just meet up with the quality control requirements of the FDA.

Considering that most supplements are manufactured in factories far away from where they are sold, it can also be difficult to determine for yourself what the standards that control the facility are.

This is why most people recommend buying from brands which are trustworthy.

It may also be worth it to visit the company’s web page and see what they put up about their quality control processes and production practices with respect to FDA and/or GMP regulation.

Quick roundup of the Best Bulking Stacks

Top 3 Bulking Stacks (Huge Muscle. No Bad Effects)
#1: CrazyBulk Stack
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#2: Anabolics Mass
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#3: Crazymass Stack
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The 6 Top Companies with Best Products Brands & Stores

As we mentioned earlier, there are thousands of fitness brands on the market.

Thousands of different companies manufacture products that are intended for body builders, athletes, sports-persons and even lazy gym visitors like me.

We have investigated several brands and a lot of them were unable to make the cut based on the criteria listed above.

All of these brands make similar claims but only a few of them truly stand out of the crowd.

Our top 4 trusted fitness brands are these.

#1: CrazyBulk

CrazyBulk Review CompanyAs the name implies, Crazybulk is a brand that is geared mainly towards the individuals in the fitness, body building and sports niches.

If your goal is to build muscle and get ripped, then this is the best brand for you.

This brand is amazing for all your toning, slimming and body building needs.

They make products that range from herbal blends that mimic the action of steroids (without side effects), to nitric oxide supplements that give you that extra boost of energy by dilating your blood vessels.

This brand produces legal anabolic supplements that work. – both for beginners, female, male and top Pros.

Crazybulk products are manufactured in the USA and depot in UK, and are produced from only the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Don’t let the name “Legal Steroids” scare you away. Their products contain NO actual steroids.

All Crazy-bulk products have been researched thoroughly to bring you the best herbal blends that mimic the action of steroids with none of the side effects.

Benefits of Buying from Crazybulk Company

Buying from this top Company itself via their web site can give you a lot of benefits.

Not only is there an assurance of quality, you can also get several deals and discounts.

  • Quality Assured, FDA Inspected Facilities:

Their products range are manufactured in FDA approved facilities, so if you were worried, rest assured.

That is, all its oral anabolics are produced in a cGMP facility in the United States.

cGMP stands for certified Good Manufacturing Practices.

A lot of iffy companies tend to wrap themselves in a veil of mystery and hide what is actually in their products.

This is not the case with Crazybulk. What you see is what you get.

They are of the highest standards possible and will never compromise your health.

  • Efficiency:

Crazybulk oral anabolics rank top of the most effective legal anabolics supplement in the industry.

Thanks to an overwhelming number of positive testimonials and personal experiences I have witnessed, I believe in this product.  (You may read this guys open testimonial here…)

We at MyBodyLife fully backs this company.

Truth is, these premium products have been proven time and time again to helping 1000s of users (men and women) put on lean muscle mass, increasing strength, stamina, endurance and pump.

In other words, the single products and stacks have high reputation to change lives and body transformation of even the beginners and skinny guys and hard gainers getting maximum benefits from their workouts and diets.

  • Affordable Value for your Money:

As at the time of typing this, there are no legal anabolics supplements of high grade in the world that beat Crazybulk’s pricing.

Simply put, their prices are too good to be true.

For a brand that comes with such a high assurance of quality and effectiveness, Crazybulk practically sells its products at minimal cost.

In addition to this, the company constantly has deals ongoing on its official website.

One deal which is always available is the Buy-2-Get-1-Free deal. Buying any two Crazybulk products and stacks at the same time gives you the option of getting a third one at no cost to you.

Crazybulk even gives out T-shirts and gifts when you buy some products. You can’t beat that.

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Right Crazy bulk Product for bulking

  • Safe with No Side Effects:

Unlike the majority of steroids and performance enhancing drugs which have been banned by most sporting agencies because of their unpleasant and often dangerous side effects, the products are 100% safe and easy to use with no side effects whatsoever.

It's is a consumer-focused company that considers the wellbeing of her customers to be of utmost importance.

They do not lie or market their products with false intentions.

  • Easy-to-use Website Store:

The design of Crazybulk’s website is perfect for everybody.

People with little to no experience using computers and the internet will still find it easy to navigate and purchase supplements from this site.

  • Reliable customer service and Delivery Options:

Crazybulk is a customer-focused company.

They have very good customer service that will always ensure that your product is gotten to you on time and any complaints are resolved instantly.

  • No Prescriptions Needed:

You need no prescription to purchase Crazybulk’s anabolic pills.

Unlike pharmaceutical products, these oroducts are not actual steroids but give the same effect as steroids with no bad effects!

  • Shipping:

Crazybulk offers free shipping to all US, UK and all European countries.

All other international shipments are billed at a flat rate of $9.99 no matter the size of your order, or location in the world.

In addition to this, the shipping is dependable and will get to your doorstep in premium condition.

In the same vein, packaging of products is discreet and leaves your privacy intact.

  • Money Back Guarantee and Return Policy:

If you are unsatisfied with a product you have bought from crazybulk, their return policy is pretty simple.

Crazybulk will take back any unopened and unused products still in their original packaging that is returned within seven days of being purchased from them.

Refunds are processed immediately.

Checklist of Few Crazybulk Products and Stacks

Crazybulk has several products in its fitness range.

Some of their best selling products are;


Muscle Gainer Tabs

D-bal is one of the most potent products offered by this brand.

D-Bal was designed to mimic the effect of Methandrostenolon, the premium recognized steroid in the bodybuilding industry.

D-Bal is amazing for gaining muscle mass and increasing muscle strength.

It is able to do so by increasing your body’s nitrogen retention and thereby multiplying your protein synthesis.

This product guarantees visible results in 30 days.

It is ideal for bulking phases of bodybuilding. CLICK to read full details and reviews here.



Trenbolone Alternative ReviewsThe composition of Trenorol mimics the effects of Tren b.

This amazing supplement is the most versatile of Crazybulk’s entire range.

Not only does it cause immense increases in muscle and strength, it also helps to increase power and enhance conditioning.

It is the gold standard of Tren supplementation and will leave you stronger and shredded with absolutely no ill effects to your health. CLICK to read full details and reviews here.


Anavar alternative ShopAnvarol is an alternative to the roid Anavar.

It is perfect for your cutting cycles, increasing strength and energy and retention of lean muscle mass.

One amazing point in its favor is that it is ideal for both men and women.

It works by increasing your phosphocreatine levels resulting in an increase in your ATP levels. ATP is the energy currency of our bodies.

Anvarol is amazing for shredding unwanted fat, toning and giving better definition to your muscles. CLICK to read full details and reviews here.

Bulking Stack:

100% Huge Mass and Power StackCrazybulk has put together a range of products that work hand in hand to promote certain anabolic effects that even many skinny guys are using to gain massive muscle mass and jacked.

The Bulking stack has products that promote the growth of muscle, increase in muscle strength and increase in muscle massresults come faster than using single products.

Crazybulk’s bulking stack consists of D-Bal, DecaDuro, TestoMax, Trenorol.

Buying Crazybulk products in stacks can help you save up to 20 to 30% off the original cost of the supplements. CLICK to read full details and reviews here.

Cutting Stack:

Complete Ripped and shred Supplements

Another stack put together by this company is the cutting stack.

The cutting stack promotes the loss of fat and toning of muscle, increased strength and endurance.

The stack combo consists of Anvarol, Clenbutrol, TestoMax and Winsol.

Buying these products in a stack can save you up to 15% from the original prices of the individual products. CLICK to read full details and reviews here.


ANABOLIC.COM Body Building D Anabol is a company owned by Dynamic Sports Nutrition.

They have been in the fitness industry for over a decade and are constantly improving their products to meet consumer needs and preferences.

All products sold through their web portal are manufactured in the highest quality controlled facilities.

This company is customer- focused and offers great value for money deals on their portal. is representative of products that may enhance blood levels of steroid hormones in the body.

Anabolic Research is offering these very strong alternatives to anabolic roids.

These products are NOT intended for users under the age of 18.

This product is not a drug and should be used correctly.

Use in conjunction with a well balanced diet and an intense bodybuilding or exercise program

Benefits of Buying from Anabolics Store

  • Money saving:

Buying products form can save you a lot of money.

This is because they are the manufacturers of the products they sell and buying directly cuts out the cost of a middle man.

There are no hidden costs or surprises.

  • Great customer service:

The Anabolics sports supplement store parades is one of the most user-friendly site experiences I have ever seen.

Their website design is easy to use and navigate.

Buying a product from them does not have any complicated procedures at all.

In addition to this, their customer service personnel are always online and will give quality feedback at any time on any of the products you have questions about.

They are quite dependable.

  • Sales and Deals:

This site also offers several deals on most of their major products.

The Buy 2 Get 1 Free slash is available on here and can help you save a lot of money.

Buying in bulk can also get you special discounted rates.

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Product Recommendation Men

  • Discounted Stacks:

This site offers deals on stacks prescribed by the company.

These stacks are comprised of several products in a range that work hand in hand to deliver desired results.

  • Free Shipping:

The don't offer worldwide shipping.

As at the time of typing this, they ship to the following countries: USA, UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Scotland and Wales .

Exposing Some of the Best Selling Products

The store parades a number of products all of which are targeted at people interested in sports and fitness and body building

They have a stack of products for just about every cycle you go through on your journey to the leanest healthiest you.

D-Anabol 25:

D-Anabol25 CapsulesFirst in line is D-Anabol 25 capsules. D-Anabol just like D-Bal of Crazybulk, is a blend of herbs that are intended to mimic the effect of methandesenolone.

Primarily designed for bulking cycle and proven to give users massive increase muscle size, larger body and strength.

It is sold in a container of ninety capsules (90) and has a serving size of one capsule.

Each capsule contains L-Arginine HCL, Rhodiola Root Powder, Fenugreek Seed Extract, Cyanotis Vaga Extrract, Inosine, Clary Sage Leaf Extract and other Ingredients such as the gelatin capsule and magnesium stearate.

This product is packed full of bodybuilding benefits, and really love by thin and skinny persons as many often testify how they got bulked up in 6-12 weeks of usage coupled with regular workouts and good diets.

CLICK here to read full details and reviews.


Improve Energy and Appetite Control

ThermoClen is the brand name under which Anabolics sells the supplement guaranteed to give you the same effect as Clenbuterol – without any side effects.

This product works amazingly well for the cutting cycle and guarantees a drop in your body fat percentage in just 30 days.

It rapidly shred body fat, increases stamina, endurance and may tone your entire body as well as improve confidence.

It is sold in a bottle of 90 capsules which should last you for 30 days.

Each capsule of Clen contains Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin), Caffeine, Cayenne Pepper Powder, Octopamine HCI, Guggul oleo-Gum-Resin Extract, Synephrine HCI and other Ingredients such as rice flour, gelatin capsule and magnesium stearate.

And more good news is that Clen can be used by women, men and younger people.

CLICK here to read full details and reviews.

Test 600x:

Test 600x ReviewsThis supplement is amazing for improving masculinizing properties.

It may not be taken by women.

It promotes overall muscle generation, body size growth and extremely versatile for both bulking and cutting cycles.

Test 600X increases strength, size and lean body mass.

It also helps promote better sleep and improves libido in men.

CLICK here to read full details and reviews.

Var 10:

Var 10 for shred fatVar10 is one of the unique supplements that can be used by both women and men.

This supplement helps in the reduction of body fat, increases muscle density and enhances your physique leaving you better toned and lean.

CLICK here to read full details and reviews.

Winn 50:

Win50 By Anabolics.Com

Winn 50 helps you increase muscle strength and endurance without excessive weight gain.

This product is ideal for people who want to improved speed, power and athleticism and can lead to improvements in muscle definition and vascularity.

For women looking to tone and slimmer, you can turn to Winn-50 for help and good results. CLICK here to read full details and reviews.

Demerits of

The one downside of buying these products is that they are only available from their online stores at Anabolics.Com

Still this company scores ten over ten on our ranking of most user friendly fitness companies.

Their customer service personnel are always available to answer questions and give quality feedback on their products.

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#3: Bauer Nutrition

Bauer Nutrition StoresBauer nutrition is based in Cyprus, Greece and is a subsidiary of Wolfson Berg Limited.

It is a health and fitness supplement Production Company that has one of the highest graded manufacturing plants in the field of supplement production.

In my experience, Bauer Nutrition has some of the best products available for both sports and fitness products and has amazing customer interaction and delivery services as well.

Benefits of Shopping with Bauer Nutrition

  • Shipping:

Bauer Nutrition offers free shipping to their customers for the majority of their products.

  • Customer Service:

On a scale of one to ten, this company’s customer service is a ten over ten.

They are very fast at resolving issues and tracking down lost orders.

  • Discreet Packages:

They pack their products so well that you are the only one who would know what you are receiving.

Yay for privacy!

  • Sales and Discounts:

Bauer Nutrition has some of the best deals and offers in the fitness niche.

They not only have discounts for purchasing certain products but also give free shipping.

Bauer nutrition discounts a lot of its products on its website.

Some products have offers of buy 2 and get one free. No other company rewards your buying experience so well.

  • Affordable Prices:

At first glance, the prices do not seem to be very friendly.

Upon closer inspection however, you find that the prices are fair given that shipping is free and you can get an extra bottle at a reduced cost or a third bottle at no cost at all.

  • Guaranteed Effectiveness:

Simply put, this company sells products that are 100% effective.

My confidence in them is more inspired because they do not engage in false advertising and hype marketing.

They give you just the plain unbiased facts.

  • One Stop Spot for Both Fitness and Weight Loss Supplements:

Bauer nutrition has the added advantage of being a one stop shop for trusted fitness, weight loss and even beauty supplements and products.

No need to go clicking all over the web.

You can do all your buying here.

Bauer Nutrition Products

  • Capsiplex:

Capsiplex Bauer Nutrition

Capsiplex is made up of compounds found in hot red peppers called “capsaicinoids”.

These compounds are responsible for the heat you feel when you consume red peppers.

By the same mechanism, capsaicinoids are able to induce thermogenesis and increase energy expenditure in the body.

They also help suppress appetite an d induce lipolysis (breakdown of fat).

Several deals are also available on purchase of this product.

This product are able to help with weight management and induce several health benefits.

Several other products made by companies such as Nature’s Way and Herbal Blend also contain the same active ingredient.

These products however are not optimized to help you lose weight.

Capsiplex is able to reduce hunger and suppress appetite and therefore manage weight gain.

Bauer Nutrition’s Capsiplex is the best brand for weight management of any capsain-based brand on the market.

It also contains caffeine for that awesome pre workout boost and niacin. And the packaging is beautiful.

Go here to read full reviews and buying discounts

  • Proactol XS:

Proactol XSProactol is another product in the weight management range offered by Bauer Nutrition.

It contains a special blend of fiber that binds the fat that you eat and prevents it from being digested by your body automatically reducing your daily caloric intake and leading to weight loss.

Proactol is a one-of –its kind product and has been clinically proven to be effective in inhibiting the breakdown of fat in your body.

There are very few products that work by the same mechanism as Proactol. One of them is Nutra Tech’s Orlistol.

Proactol inhibits only fat breakdown while Orlistol inhibits the breakdown of both fat and carbohydrates.

Though this may sound like an advantage to you, it can be dangerous to your health to remove all your body’s sources of energy at the same time and can stress out your liver and kidneys.

In my opinion, Proactol is best because it helps with not only weight loss but has been formulated to also aid weight maintenance after intial loss without compromising your health.

Other products in their weight management range include Forskolin 250, Meratol.

In their health and nutrition range, Bauer Nutrition has these products.

Go here to read full reviews and buying discounts

  • Testogen:

Testogen Reviews Store

Testogen is a supplement for men that helps boost testosterone levels.

If you want improved performance, a stronger libido and an increase in strength then Testogen is for you.

This product contains eight all-natural ingredients and six vitamins and minerals.

It is proven to improve testosterone levels without the side effects of steroids or synthetic formulae.

Testogen is made of Tribulus Terrestis, D- Aspartic Acid, Cordyceps, Maca, Maitake and bioperine.

This unique formulation has received dozens of positive customer reviews and testimonials. It is all natural and approved by the FDA.

Testogen is even better than Testofuel a brand of muscle building testosterone boosters.

It has been clinically proven to be safe and have no side effects.

Go here to read full report and reviews.

  • YouTonics Sport:

Bauer You Tonic HealthYouTonics Sport also produced by Bauer Nutrition contains a blend of BCAAs and amino acids.

It is guaranteed to help in the repair and growth of muscle tissue.

In addition to this, it makes a perfect post workout recovery drink as it helps to reduce soreness and speed up the repair process.

This product is unique because it will help you build and retain muscle and also help in the strengthening of your joints, cartilage and tendons.

Other products in this range are Body Fuel Ecdysterone, CLA and a stack called the Pre-workout Sports Bundle.

Go here to read full reviews and buying discounts.

#4: Evolution Slimming:

Evolution Slimming Products StoreEvolution Slimming is a supplement company based in Canterbury, Kent in the United Kingdom.

This company has over eight years of experience in the production of dietary supplements.

It is a privately owned company that was founded in March of 2007.

Evolution slimming has a broad range of products that range from weight loss aids to muscle builders and sports nutrition supplements.

Advantages of Buying Evolution Slimming Products

  1. GMP and FDA Approved Production Facilities:

Evolution slimming is based in Canterbury, Kent in England.

They are one of the few online fitness companies that inspire double confidence in me as they are approved by the FDA and Britain’s GMP.

These are two of the best regulatory agencies in the world and are responsible for all the drugs coming out of the United States of America and Britain.

Despite the fact that supplement brands are not as tightly regulated as pharmaceuticals, getting the approval of both of these agencies shows me that this company cares about the quality of their supplements and is willing to toe the line.

  1. Products Proven to Work:

Evolution Slimming products have been proven to work. One great benefit of buying from this company is that you are assured that they are constantly at the top of their game when it comes to weightloss and sports nutrition.

Several professional athletes and personal trainers endorse these products because they have seen them maximize the effects of their workouts over time giving they and their clients an advantage over non-users.

Their products span not only weight loss and sports nutrition but also enter into the area of dietary supplements as well.

Their weight loss products have received some of the most overwhelmingly positive results of all the products in the industry.

Also, their fitness products are guaranteed to give you increased pump and strengthen your muscles in days

  1. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee:

This is a good one for people who do not trust online shopping. This company not only guarantees their delivery but also gives you a thirty day money back guarantee.

If your products are not delivered on time or are not to your satisfaction, you can choose to return them and get your money back. And they honor this statement.

I have found that it is easier to exchange returned products for another product in their range.

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Evolution-Slimming Store Diet Plan

  1. Easy to Use Website:

Evolution Slimming has one of the simplest website designs of any brand in the fitness industry. I enjoy surfing their site because it is as user friendly as possible.

All of the icons that you could possibly need are right there in the home page. No need to get an advanced degree to buy from this site.

  1. Green Friendly, 100% Natural Products:

For all my fellow eco-lovers out there, this brand should be your new best friend. All their herbal ingredients are sourced only form renewable sources and their packaging is eco-friendly too.

As the supplement producers increase, there has been a concurrent increase in the quantity of synthetic products on the market.

Science has proven time and again that the best quality of products for our bodies is those closest to their natural states.

  1. No Spam Mail:

This is a pet peeve of mine. Several sites store the mail addresses of customers and periodically bug you with their unsolicited sales pitches.

Evolution Slimming has not done this for as long as I have bought from them.

  1. Confidentiality and Discretion Guaranteed:

One other lovely advantage of buying from this brand is that they guarantee your confidentiality.

They do not store your bank details and they always package your products discreetly to protect your confidentiality.

After all, it should not be everybody’s business what supplements you choose or need to use.

  1. Affordable pricing:

Evolution slimming has some of the greatest value for your money deals available on their sites for your purchase.

As a result of the fact that they not only produce but also market their own products, Evolution Slimming has cut out a lot of the middleman cost that is a part of buying from most other brands.

In addition to this they sometimes put up discount sales and special evolution slimming promos on their site.

  1. Positive Consumer Feedback:

This brand has some of the best consumer feedback that I have seen in a long time.

The majority of reviewers have rated their products as being effective and affordable in comparison with other brands.

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Evolution Slimming Products

The top two products for weight loss in the Evolution Slimming store are;

  • Garcinia Cambogia Pure:

Garcinia Cambogia PureEvolution Slimming GarciniaCambogia Pure is the best selling weight management solution produced by evolution- slimming.

It is available in a container of 90 capsules with a dose of three capsules per day.

This means just one bottle is enough for a month.

That is amazing savings right there.

Garcinia Cambogia alongside the other active ingredient hydroxycitric acid (HCA) act as an appetite suppressant that helps to control hunger and leads to weight loss.

It has the added benefit of slowing down carbohydrate absorption and increasing energy levels. It is caffeine free as well.

As someone who has been obese for my entire adult life, I can assure you that using garcinia-cambogia works.

The amazing thing about this product is that their unique formulation has caused me no side effects whatsoever.

No frequent stooling or diarrhea as a lot of other products cause.

In addition to this, Evolution Slimming GarciniaCambogia Pure is the most affordable option for GarciniaCambogia supplements of this quality and the company offers free shipping and next day delivery to some parts of the world.

No other brand beats that.

Other manufacturers of Garcinia Cambogia such as Ultra Pure and Biogreen Labs sell theirs between the prices of $63 and $99 for a month’s supply and you cannot be sure whether other brands use natural, synthetic or a mix of the active compound in GC.

CLICK here to read full details and how to order.

  • Raspberry Ketone Plus:

Raspberry Ketone PlusAnother best seller in the Evolution slimming range is their Raspberry Ketone Plus.

This product comes in a bottle of 60 tablets which are to be taken one tablet at breakfast and one at lunch.

This product was featured on FOX news in 2012 and is the best-selling brand of raspberry ketone in the United Kingdom.

Raspberry Ketone Plus is an amazing fat burning supplement that helps your body maximize the effects of diet and exercise and speeds up the loss of fatty tissue.

It is made from premium quality raspberry ketones and is sold for about $26 a bottle on the Evolution Slimming site though it retails normally at $53 a bottle.

One bottle of this product should last you a month.

When I bought this product last, customer service and delivery was excellent and I got some good results when combined with the evolution slimming diet available on the website.

I cannot personally confirm if this product works without a diet.

Other products in the same range are Forskolin 250, Detox Plus Colon Cleansing System which can be used alongside raspberry ketone form the evolution slimming detox plus bundle and Hydroslim.

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  • Hiprolean X-S:

Hiprolean X-SHiprolean X-S high strength fat burner is an amazing sports nutrition supplement that is able to burn fat and boost energy levels at the same time.

Having personally used weightloss products by several brands such as NatureBlendand Nature’s Way and also used Evolution Slimming products, I can say for sure that in the weightloss and sports nutrition category, Evolution Slimming trumps many other brands.

Hiprolean X-S is sold in a container of 60, 120 or 180 capsules that gives a one month, two month or three month dosage of this amazing nutrition supplement.

This product also contains green tea, bladderwack and raspberry ketones; three proven weight management supplements with no side effects whatsoever.

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Consumer Review Analysis and Common Complaints

Based on several consumer experiences, evolution slimming reviews have been rated in the following manner.

Majority of the people who use Evolution Slimming have rated them 4.5 on a 5.0 scale regarding their promptness and delivery service.

In addition to this, their customer service has also been rated as some of the best in the industry.

In the same vein, Evolution Slimming products have been rated by the majority of people as being effective and affordable for the quality they get.

The most common customer complaint I have seen from assessing reviews is that people were asked sometime in 2012 to go on Amazon and give a 5 star rating for a new product in exchange for a free extra bottle.

That situation seems to have resolved itself as that product is now the bestselling brand of its type in the whole of Europe despite having very poor Amazon reviews.


In conclusion, there are tons of supplement brands on the market right now.

Our top 4 trusted supplement companies that are 100% safe and will consistently give you value for your money are listed below;


Evolution Slimming

Bauer Nutrition

Make sure you make the right choice about everything you put in your body.

Remember, your health determines your life.

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