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5 Toughest Abs Exercises for Beginners

The perfectly built body is the dream of every man and he will be doing the most impossible exercises to get himself in that figure which is impressive for every eye.

It was almost impossible to do these exercises only a few years’ back without a professional trainer.

Internet has made it quite easy to get your dream body through tutorials and videos. The first and foremost thing to do, before getting into these exercises is to have a perfect body weight.

If you are over weighing, you might not be able to get through this practice with positive results. Make sure to use a good weight loss supplement to shed extra pounds off your body.

Once you get the balanced weight for your height, you are ready for these exercises.

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Important Note:

As we have named these exercises as ‘the toughest’ ones in the title, keep one thing in your mind that you might be needing a big amount of time to do these successfully.

It is almost impossible to perform perfectly in first attempt as these are more likely the circus tricks. Never lose hope and stay calm and consistence.

With a quality practice, you will be able to make it up one day and once you do it, it will be worthy the result end you get from these.

The Human Flag:

The Human Flag

It is the rarest sight which you will see as no one can do this unless he has the fittest body to perform that. It needs hell of strength and balance to hold your body straight up above the ground in horizontal position.

A trainer from Philadelphia, Sam Stauffer explains this work out completely by stating it in these words,

“This is the master of all core moves because you have to be strong enough to hold your own weight, your arms, shoulders, back, and abs are all responsible for holding up your long body.”

The most important thing for this exercises is total control over your body muscle and upper body strength. Stability and lots of practice will let you do this. Go to video link below if you are interested to do this workout.

Front Lever:

Front Lever

After getting expert in plank, you should move forward and try the most daring exercises the ‘front lever, keep one thing in your mind that this exercises is not for everyone, not even those can do it easily who have been going through the toughest practice for years.

It is essential to have a maintained body weight for this no matter if you have it already, or you are going to get it through taking weight loss supplements.

It’s to stand under a pull-up bar that is straight and gasp it with shoulder-width hold. An upside down plank gives the exact look of this exercises if it is performed perfectly. Below is the video tutorial for front lever

Single-Side Bird Dog

Seriously? If you have ever checked that look of this exercises, you might be doubted to count it in this list of hardest exercises but believe me, it is one of the most challenging exercise ever.

Survey says that more than 90% of people cannot do it. Picking up the leg and arm of same side is no less than a tough trick. The possibility of tripping over your back maximizes when you hold up your leg. Stauffer says,

“Most of us don't train for this type of core stability, so we can't hold the position,”

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Standing Ab Rollouts:

It is the greatest exercise for Ab building and obviously is harder enough to perform. Most of the people would say that ab rollout is tough but actually what tougher is, the standing Ab-Rollouts.

Keeping your toes fixed to the ground and stretching your whole body through rolling the bar back towards your feet needs core strength. And then rolling back and getting to the standing position is the beauty of this one.

Check out the video link and dare to do this exercise.

Toes to Bar:

Toes to Bar

Toes to bar is something, seriously for professionals, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. You need core strength and hip flexibility to perform this one. Craig Ballantyne, C.S.C.S. says, “Most guys won't be able to do one rep.”

The move draws out the unpredictable stage—or the bringing down stage—of the movie, expecting you to enroll more muscle strands.

You can't give gravity a chance to take the necessary steps. Experts say that your abs should be able to movement and speed if you want to do it perfectly.

All these exercises are almost impossible to reach in initial tries but once you get through it, you will be amazed to see the results on your body.

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